Grimsley affidavit unsealed

The need for a lefty reliever
Prospect Profile: Brandon Laird

The controversial Jason Grimsley affidavit was unsealed today, and contrary to reports from 2006, Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens were not named in the affidavit. I wonder what Curt Schilling thinks about that. (Well, actually, I don’t, but you get my point.)

Update: Pete Abe has a statement from Clemens’ lawyer:

“When this grossly inaccurate story broke in October 2006, Roger said it was untrue and the Los Angeles Times chose not to believe him. As the record now clearly proves, Roger was telling the truth then, just as he continues to tell the truth today. Roger Clemens did not take steroids, and anybody who says he did had better start looking for a hell of a good lawyer.”

Sounds like someone’s gearing up for a fight.

The need for a lefty reliever
Prospect Profile: Brandon Laird
  • ArchStanton

    If he is truly innocent, which I hope he is, I hope he does go forward with legal action, even if it’s a case that he can’t win. But I’d like to see him make every effort to clear his name. Unfortunately, he’s already been declared guilty in the media, and by his “friend” Curt Schilling.

    • kris

      What took them so long to unseal the record? Sounds like Clemens’ lawyers will sue L. A. Times for libel?

  • b/c

    Just looking at some stats and Robbie really showed marked improvement the last 3 months of the season as far as OBP. I’m looking for a monster 08.

    • b/c

      Maybe he can be a true three hole hitter to replace Abreu in 09.

      • Count Zero

        He should be a 3 hole hitter in ’08. As has been pointed out by better men than me, the lineup should go Jeter, Abreu, Cano, ARod, Posada…

  • barry

    Maybe the MLB should just apologize and take a mulligan on this one.

  • dan

    Anyone who thinks that hot dogs and beer aren’t performance enhancing is lying to themselves.

  • Jamal G

    LoL, to me this makes Mike Lupica STFU (…yet again). This Yankee hating SOB was calling Pettitte a liar, a fraud, and accusing him of having crocodile tears because he lied and said no to taking steroids when this report came out.

    I swear, I dunno who’s the bigger douche, Mike Lupica or Chris Russo.

    • dan

      Lupica is cunning, cruel and vindictive, at least Russo is open about his Yankee hating, and gets along with Mike

  • E-ROC

    Mike Lupica is an a$$hole. That guy says the dumbest things that I’ve ever heard in journalism and it almost never objective.

    I’m still a fan of Roger Clemens whether he’s guilty or not guilty.

    • Tripp

      Mike Lupica is a bitter Mets fan. Nothing else needs to be said about him.

  • Relaunch

    Funny if you go to the mlb section on cnnsi, they have a picture of Grimsely wearing a Yankee uniform. How many teams has he played on? How long was his tenure on the Yanks? He could have played for 1 month on the Yanks and they would still show him in a Yanks uniform.

  • Relaunch

    Mike Lupica is that kid in school everyone shoved in the lockers, the kid who never made any sports team, the kid that sat by himself at lunch.

  • jsbrendog

    he has to be innocent right? you don’t start a leal battle on this unless you have nothing to hide cause there is nothing you can hide. Especially with how they’re going after barry for perjury you’d think roger would be an idiot to do this if he were actually guilty………or maybe he was smart enough to leave no trail and tell no one other thanmcnamee so that everything leads bck to him and not clemens. he’s one sly muddafutta

  • Glen L

    Lets not jump to any conclusions yet … nothing that has been said and no documents prove roger did NOT use steriods … the circumstantial evidence surrounding the latter part of his career certainly at least points in the direction of steriods

    with that said I have no idea whether he did or he didn’t .. but i know which way i would bet if i had to make a wager ….

    • Ben K.

      Are you kidding me? No documents have been shown that Clemens did not use steroids?! Is this America? Guilty until innocent, in your eyes.

      Point me to a documented use of steroids by Clemens. Point me to anything in the Mitchell Report that proves, once and for all, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Clemens used steroids. You can’t because that proof isn’t there.

      Glen, no offense, but you just convicted Clemens based on hearsay evidence and your own personal skepticism. That’s just not how a justice system should work.

      • Glen L

        Ben, no offense taken and perhaps I didn’t word my post well

        I personally believe Clemens used steriods but that’s all it is .. my personal opinion .. that and $10 bucks will get you into a movie

        All I was trying to say is that Clemens non-inclusion in the Grimsley affidavit isn’t proof he didn’t use steriods. His non-inclusion is probably less probative than McNamee’s eyewitness account (which has to be taken for what its worth .. a guy lacking in credibility being forced to drop names and appease Mitchell et al. or face stricter punishment)

        CLEARLY there is no evidence any of us are aware of that proves Clemens did steriods beyond a reasonable doubt .. beyong a preponderance of the evidence (usual standard in a civil trial) that could be debatable .. i’m an attorney and circumstantial evidence is far more powerful than most people seem to believe in a civil case

        I believed Clemens used steriods well before Mitchell’s investigation was even ordered. Now, do I think there is enough evidence that he should be kept out of the HOF or his records be astericked or stricken? Absolutely not.

        I hope this better expresses my humble opinions on the issue. As much as I think Clemens is probably a terrible person (based off what we as fans see of him) and as much as I believe he probably used steriods … there is nowhere near enough evidence to say he DID use them.

  • jsbrendog

    my theory is that well, duh, red sox gm (duquette?) said he’s in the twilight of his career, roger got mad and was like, ill show him, shot up but because he knew one day somethign will go down as it does with everything he told no one, had no one involved but mcnamee, never ordered anything directly, and did everything through his “fitness coach” or whatever u call him.

    Being a calculating and smart guy u figure clemens knew mcnamees rep as a not so reliable guy due to hi past so you figure, do it all through him, keep it on the low and if anything ever goes down its his word v mine. I’d take that in a court of law anyday. no paper trail? no proof? no steroids.

    did he do it? who knows, who cares, basically the only people that didn’t do soemthing “wrong” steroids, hgh, amphetamines, etc. are the coaches and the announcers so who gives a horse’s ass anymore? send barry to jail not because he did them, but because he lied under oath about it despite a paper trail clearly implicating him. anyone else lie about it under oath? throw enin jail too, even if its jeter hissef. then, lets move on. seriously,

    top two vomit inducing stories of the past few months that i donot care one bit about anymore and when i hear about them make me want to yell lots and wave my arms angrily at whoever is talking about them……thaT’S right you guessed

    johan and steroids.

    side note, pete rose was on dennis miller’s show on VS and he was absolutely hilarious. put him in the damn hall f fame. come on, i mean the guy bet on his team yeah but to win. he made two funny comments that stick out to me.

    “if there had been steroids in my day i would’ve had 5000 hits.”

    and a story about bets he and tony perez used to make….hilarious guy

    ok, im done ranting…rah

  • Pablo Zevallos

    Ben, not to nitpick, but it wasn’t his agent who made the statement, but his lawyer.

    • Ben K.

      Got it corrected, Pablo. Thanks. Nitpicking when we get something wrong is always appreciated.

  • Tom G.

    Sports journalism is at an all time low, they just sink to the lowest common denominator. The LA Times writes a story and they get 4 out of the 5 people in the affidavit incorrect?

    This is what bothers me; we already know that Mitchell’s report represents only a small fraction of the people who were actually using these drugs. The four people incorrectly named in the LA Times story ended up in the Mitchell report. This is a strange coincidence to me. Do we live in a time where a shitty newspaper reported can create an inaccurate story about an individual, which leads to their being investigated? That’s F’ing scary.

    What everyone seems to have lost sight of in my opinion is this is not a problem with baseball, this is a problem with law enforcement. If these drugs are illegal, it is the responsibility of the law enforcement agencies to limit there availability by arresting the people who are making and distributing them. Especially if the country in question has spent billions of dollars on a war on drugs.

    And that’s my rant of the day, now I feel a little better.

    • jsbrendog

      clap clap clap a good point that had not dawned on me. well done

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Even though reports say that Clemens started roids as a Jay and even though Stanton reportedly didn’t start until AFTER he was a Yankee and even though hardly anyone ever remembers Grimsely…they are ALL pictured in these steroid stories in a Yankee uniform!!!! and on and on and on….all the reported players, if they were in pinstripes ONE DAY, they are pictured in pinstripes.

    The haters get a field day to hate on the most revered uniform in major league sports history.

    Very upsetting!!!