Hank: ‘We’re done here’


Hank Steinbrenner confirmed that, publically at least, the Yankees are no longer talking about Johan Santana with the Twins. It remains to be seen if the Red Sox will actually complete this deal. As PeteAbe writes, the Red Sox did back out of the A-Rod deal in 2003 when they couldn’t complete contract negotiations. Santana will want an equally complex and historic (for a pitcher) deal.

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  1. LBA Prequel says:

    Believe me, if the Red Sox are willing to pay $51,000,000 to what amounted to a phone call to Japan, they’ll get Santana locked up.

    And so dawns the new Evil Empire…

    • rbizzler says:

      Correction dude, they paid 100+ million to sign him. That is the proper way of looking at it. They didn’t pay shit to talk to him as the posting fee is contingent on the player signing a contract. The Sox could have chatted him up and sent him back to Japan without a deal and it wouldn’t have cost them a dime.

      The willingness to lay out the 100+ million for a somewhat unknown quantity might signal a likelihood that they would be willing to give Santana the type of extension he is looking for (and possibly rework Beckett if he bitches).

  2. JMM says:

    If they agree, the negotiation process will be interesting. As you said Ben, the Red Sox were unable to come to terms with A-Rod back in 2003 and I’m not so sure they’re willing to fork over $150 million dollars over the next six years.

    I have a feeling they’re not so thrilled to be the only one left in all of this.

    • Brian says:

      I just got off the phone with my brother-in-law from Boston, Tito-lovin’ wonk as he is, and he just said that he is really indifferent about the Santana deal, just hoping they don’t take Ellsbury. That sounds awfully familiar to our thinking on the matter. He even talked about it being no fun given we backed out (as opposed to Boston successfully outbidding us)…I like that.

      • JMM says:

        Interesting stuff Brian. I haven’t really heard a ton of excitement out of Red Sox fans over this. I tend to tune them out anyway, but it seems as though they’re a bit indifferent.

        I think the majority of Red Sox fans just expected the Yankees to land Santana in the end.

  3. Brian says:

    Now let’s see how the Sox do if they are expected to win it every year. The beauty of this is that we get to watch these guys develop AND the massive expectations have been greatly reduced without it being unthinkable we can win it all. Part of the talk entering spring training will be how much better the tigers, the red sox, the angels are, and how we barely staved off being terrible (a-rod staying), but I can think of no more enjoyable time to win than this.

  4. Ron says:

    Okay, so maybe we can get a little help from St. Joe here? We all know how Torre disdains playing “unproven” players, so maybe he goes to Colletti and says “Ned, I won’t be playing those youngsters anyway, so how about sending them off to Minny and getting me Santana.”

  5. Jamal G says:

    “As for Cashman, we met with him for 10 minutes or so and he ducked every question like Kevin Youkilis facing Joba Chamberlain.”

    Lol Abe, your the best.

  6. LiveFromNewYork says:

    While I would have liked getting Santana, I really wanted to keep Hughes. I also like the fact that the Yankees are not going to offer the moon, the sun and the sky for a big name.

    The Twins said Hughes MUST be a centerpiece of any trade and we reluctantly let him go. Then they wanted Ian Kennedy and we said no. Then they wanted Jackson or Horne and we said no.

    Why? Did this deal fall through b/c we would not deal Jackson or Horne? Some people might see it that way.

    I see it as we had Hughes pried from our grasp and that wasn’t enough. They wanted more and also wanted to pit us against the Red Sox driving the price up and up.

    To me it’s more than just not giving up Jackson or Horne. It’s that they didn’t see a good deal when they had one and we were being played and we said enough.

    For me, I’m happy with the decision.

  7. LiveFromNewYork says:

    My thoughts EXACTLY.

  8. randomize says:

    Sigh. I hope that Cashman didn’t really walk away from Hughes/Melky/Horne/Marquez.

    If he did… that’s grounds for firing.

    Cano for Lincecum. Please.

  9. Paul says:

    No one is talking about Lincecum…I would think strongly about doing that trade. Last year, Lincecum was supposed to be the next Liriano. But Cano might be too much to give. Interesting, though

    • randomize says:

      Actually, people are talking about Lincecum.

      The Giants realize that one of the two (Cain/Lincecum) has to go and they prefer to keep Cain.

      They’re in talks with the Blue Jays and the thinking is that Rios fetches Lincecum.

      You’re telling me Cano can’t fetch Lincecum. It’d be a great trade for the Yankees.

  10. Jamal G says:

    Im tired of these God Damn Cano talks. Whats with all that BS?

    • dan says:

      Nothing really groundbreaking there. I doubt he’s ever going to say “Aw, shucks, I really wish they had traded me to Minnesota. There’s always next year.”

      • Mike R. says:

        He didn’t really have to reply, or he could have replied with a “I understand that baseball is a business and I will do my best for any team I am on” routine.

    • mehmattski says:

      Proper response: Your mom’s a commodity.

      • Mike R. says:

        Not exactly sure what you mean by that, but I think it’s better that way.

        • mehmattski says:

          You linked directly to your own comment at LoHud.. it said “Sometimes we forget that these are people and not commodities.” Thought I’d bring some comedy relief. It’s not the first time my humor has gone unappreciated (cue Family Guy-style flashback…)

    • LiveFromNewYork says:

      Glad Phil answered Pete. I am really glad he’s staying. I bet the place goes crazy upon his first start (hell…him, Andy, Joba…we’re all looking forward to it)

  11. LiveFromNewYork says:

    poor you. we will try to stay on top of things.

  12. zack says:

    Don’t count on Phil sticking around just yet. Still a lot of offseason left…

    I would be really surprised if the Angels didn’t go after Santana hardcore now. They would have to be one of the big losers of the offseason if they don’t, no? Torii Hunter isn’t a difference maker, and having lost out on Cabrera, they have the prospects to get it done, their stars aren’t getting younger, and they need some pitching.

  13. barry says:

    Anyone else plesantly relieved that Santana wont, at least at the moment, be a Yankee. Save the Big Three!

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