Haren and Valverde dealt in separate deals

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The nuts and bolts:

Haren and Connor Robertson to the D-Backs for 6, yes 6, prospects: OF Carlos Gonzalez, LHP Brett Anderson, OF Aaron Cunningham, 1B Chris Carter, LHP Greg Smith (who I secretly wanted instead of Ohlendorf last year) and LHP Dana Eveland. Gonzalez, Anderson, Cunningham and Carter were recently named the number 1, 3, 7 and 8 prospect in the D-Back system by BA.

Valverde to the Astros for Chad Qualls, Chris Burke and Juan Gutierrez. Gutierrez was one of the few decent prospects the ‘Stros had hanging around.

Wowza. Discuss in the comments if you wish.

Mitchell Report and the Hall
Damon mad at NBC, bloggers
  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Webb and Haren have to be the best 1-2 punch in the NL, right?

    Brandon Lyon will fill in adequately for Valverde, unless that Tony Pena kid with ridiculously overpowering stuff beats him out for the gig.

    Exciting day for the D-Backs, especially since they picked up Bill Buckner in an earlier trade with the Royals.

    • steve

      i have to agree, they are going to be tough to beat in the NL. with that 1, 2 punch they should easily win the west again

    • NYFan50

      Them or Lincecum/Cain, but the latter is less experienced.

  • JRVJ

    Well, this and the Tejada trade (to an extent) give the NL a filip talent wise.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    Something tells me the Twins aren’t settling for Ellsbury or Buchholz anymore. It’s going to be more like an “and” situation.

    • http://yankeesfuture.wordpress.com Pablo Zevallos

      Agreed. But Haren isn’t that good. Bad deal for the D-Backs, as they gave up the farm in short-sightedness. They would have been beast without Haren, as Gonzalez and Carter’s potential make me drool.

      • http://yankeesfuture.wordpress.com Pablo Zevallos

        P.S. That’s a bounty I would like for A-Rod, not Haren.

        • LiveFromNewYork

          Did Arod get a no trade clause?

          • Greg

            he’ll be a 10 and 5 player in two years either way

          • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

            Yes. Full NTC but it’s a formality. After next year, he’s 5-10.

  • Kevin23

    And with that, the Dodgers just got even worst.

    • http://yankeesfuture.wordpress.com Pablo Zevallos

      The Dodgers shouldn’t sign any “big-name” FAs…they should admit that they suck and need to rebuild. They need to give Andy LaRoche a chance at 3rd base and can’t be dangling Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp all the time, and certainly can’t sign anymore Juan Pierre-esque contracts.

      • RollingWave

        Agreed, the Dodger’s biggest problem over the last couple of years have actually been signing guys who’s got big reputation but either injury plauged / old or not that good to begin with (sounds familiar hmmmm)

  • stylez

    Wow! And The A’s pull off another huge deal in a laundry list of times they done this. Gonzalez and Carter would make you drool with the potential they got and they received some good arms in the deal also. Great Haul!

    • kris

      After reading the article at MLB trade rumors, it looks like Billy got one stud and then a bunch of maybes. Did Billy get schooled?

  • zack

    Why the hell didn’t the D-Backs try and offer that package for Santana? Its an impressive package, and Santana is much more the pitcher Haren is. If Haren went for that, then shouldn’t Santana go for Buchholz, Ellsbury, AND Lester?

    • Yankee Fan in Chicago

      Yes, plus other prospects the Sawx don’t seem to possess, given that I just don’t think Lester and Ellsbury will be that good. Though apparently the Twinkies think different if they’re even entertaining the weak-ass Sawx offers.

      Great trade by Beane btw, though Haren is likley to put up some smoking numbers in the NL West.

    • jeff

      “Why the hell didn’t the D-Backs try and offer that package for Santana?”

      Because the D’backs have a budget and Haren is cheap for three years.

    • kris

      Now that they have Haren, the D’Backs could still trade a package of (formerly) #2,4,5,6 and junk for Santana. Wouldn’t that make them instant WS contenders (for a year)? With their scouting (and the compensation picks when Santana bolts), it can’t be that hard to rebuild that farm, right?

      • yankz

        So they should trade what remains of their decent prospects for a player that will inevitably veto the deal because they can’t hope to extend him?

        • kris

          What have they got to loose? If it blows up in their faces, they can just go back to drafting studs in the 1st round again. Isn’t it great to be a small market team?

          • yankz

            I don’t think you’re understanding what I’m saying. The DBacks have no chance of pulling off a deal for Santana because he would veto it.

  • Achilles17

    Well, the A’s are going to rebuild, yet again. Blanton is sure to go. Chavez will go if he generates enough interest. And, most intriguingly, Street will be on the block as well.

    What do you think it will take to get Street? Are we talking someone like Horne, or more along the lines of Kennedy? Street would help the Yankees immediately, and if the A’s are going to blow up their team, it is possible Beane trades him while he is still valuable and cheap. It depends on when he wants to go for it again, obviously, but that will definitely not be 2008, and may not be 2009 either. If he is looking towards 2010, trading Street right now is the smart move. And you can bet the Yankees will listen.

  • kris

    How does the D-Backs’ farm system keep churning out prospects that other teams like? Are they just good at overhyping their prospects?

    • dan

      Playing in the PCL will naturally make you over-hyped as a hitter (Bubba Crosby mashed to the tune of a .361/.410/.635 line in the PCL). Other than that, they’re probably just good at scouting and developing players, nothing fancy.

  • zack

    Its also less a matter of them being better than the Yankees at it, and more that the Yankees just awoke from a decade long slumber in that department two or so years ago. In the last 3 years, the Yanks have suddenly found themselves holding a lot of players everyone wants. Think of this trade as: Hughes (#1), Kennedy (#3), Betences (#7), and Montero (#8), plus two other guys, to use a modified BA prospect list that includes Hughes and bumps everyone else down. Thats a hell of a package for one pitcher. Would you make that trade for Santana? I wouldn’t.

    • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

      I’d have to disagree with that comparison.

      • zack

        Based on what? that the Yanks’ package is better? I am simply going off their respective rankings within the farm systems. Montero and Betences are far far away from being even projectable.

    • http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=56352514 Jamal G

      LoL, I think I would want at least another prospect coming with Babe Ruth for that package.

  • CB

    The D’Backs gave up a lot of talent. And I think there are still major questions about how good Haren really is (don’t think he’s an “ace.”. But I’d guess they’re thinking that with the NL West and NL at large being so weak now was the time to win now.

    Getting a guy with Haren’s contract, age and productivity is not easy.

    They had 14 homegrown players on their playoff roster. Could they afford to get even younger?

    Don’t know – just putting up the counter argument to this being a deal where the D’Backs got robbed.

    Gonzales is a very good prospect and their hitting was their weakness. But they really have no near future openings for Gonzalez – their outfield is packed as it is.

    Also – they did a very good job IMO of holding onto both Jarrod Parker and Max Scherzer – both guys are arms that have very high ceilings. I would have guessed one or the other would have gone in a Haren package. Many rumors were pointing at Beane liking Scherzer.

    Losing Anderson hurts them because they don’t have a lot of left handed pitching.

    They gave up a lot of depth in the rest of the trade, but again with the number of young players already on the roster now may have been the time to use their minor league depth?

    I think you could argue that they should have tried to swing this kind of deal for a hitter given how anemic their offense was. But would the marlins taken this deal for Cabrera/ Willis over the one they got from the Tigers?

    We’ll see. It’s an intersting deal.

    The fact that they gave up so much says a lot of what the demand/ market for Haren must have been.

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    this could be good for the Yanks. when the Twins see this, they won’t want to give up Santana for anything less than a similar bounty. hence, the Hughes, Melky + trade should be out (good for us), and the Sawx offers wont be enough either. i’m still hoping he hits FA next year. that would be best.

    • http://deleted Back Bay Yankee

      I’m with Travis on this one. I think what the Haren trade does is drive the expected demand (and therefore cost) of Santana so high into the stratosphere that neither of the teams in contention will want to offer what the Twins will ask. Will the Sox give up ‘Holz, Lester, and Ellsbury? Almost certainly not. Just like we won’t give up Hughes, IPK and Melky + Prospects. It really isn’t worth giving away the WHOLE farm and $120M for Santana just because Haren got traded. The Sox are happy with their rotation, and so are we. Santana won’t hit FA in ’09, I can almost guarantee that. What I think will happen is that the Twins will get desperate near the trade deadline and they’ll make a deal pretty close to the initial asking price. I think Pete’s analysis is flawed and pretty shallow.

  • Chofo

    This deal says two things to me:

    1. The Hughes, Melky, Marquez and Hilligros package that the Twins asked from Cashman was lower than what the A´s got for Haren. So bad news to the ones who liked Santana in pinstripes

    2. There´s no way they accept that same trade today and no way they are making a deal with the Sox. So good news to the ones who want Hughes in pinstripes and Santana out of Boston.

  • E-ROC

    Santana just got hella expensive. I don’t think the Yanks will get him. They shouldn’t.

  • tony from the bronx

    Be carefull when trading for a pitcher from Billy Beane.would St louis or Atlanta do there trades again?D’backs gave up a hell of a lot for Haren.I also agree that this trade will keep the big 3 together since now the cost of pitching got steeper