Yanks looking at Hawkins for one year

And that’s quite the dapper beard he’s got. For all you early risers, Joba’s going to be on Mike and Mike at 8 a.m. broadcasting from the Christmas Tree on the Amtrak Level in Penn Station. Go to it.

Yanks looking at Hawkins for one year
  • Jamal G

    Lol I think if anyone is up reading this when it was posted its pretty safe to assume they wont be awake to listen in, let alone making the trip.

  • Brian

    The real question is not whether Joba should stay in the pen or start, but whether Hank and Hal like hair…I’m guessing they at least care less. But with Big Stein alive still, I’d say Joba will need to enjoy it while he can.

  • zack

    Considering that most baseball players seem to approach facial hair like a 10th grader growing his first attempts at a goatee and look like complete chodes, I have to say that Joba’s look really works for him. It’s too bad its not allowed on the Yanks, b/c its definitely a solid look.

  • Beau

    Joba’s look suits him ok. I happen to like the Yankees structure with the facial hair thing. It sets them apart from all of baseball. I just would hate to see it get out of hand like our rivals ‘ the car-jackers in uniforms’ =)