Meeting Mattingly in an elevator

Yanks lose Gardner in Rule V draft
The End (of Pavano) is near

Joe Sheehan at BP’s Unfiltered blog has up a great post about running into Don Mattingly in one of the Opryland elevators this week. Sheehan, as most Yankee fans would, folded under the pressure and couldn’t bring himself to talk to his boyhood idol. It’s a great read.

Yanks lose Gardner in Rule V draft
The End (of Pavano) is near
  • Beau

    Wow, that is a great read! That just confirms, even more, how much I like Mattingly. I hope against hope that he will one day except an offer to manage in New York. He can play again in New York for all I care and he’ll still have my devoted attention with every strike out!=) Good stuff!! If Donnie Baseball only got that title in 1995. I know he will win it as a coach eventually.

  • Glen L

    I’d just like to point out that the Yankees have never won a world series with Mattingly in uniform – as a player or a coach. Considering how many titles the Yankees have won and how many years Mattingly has been in uniform … well its probably nothing more than superstition .. but i’m certainly not above that

  • Donnie Baseball deserves to be in the Hall

    Donnie Baseball is one of the very few guys in sports that I have never heard a bad story about from a fan. Not one. I have met a number of people who have met him and he was nothing but a great guy to them.

    If I ever am in an elevator with Donnie Baseball I doubt I would lose my nerve to say something to him, but I can understand the feeling as I have met tons of famous people due to my profession and really do not care one way or another. But in 04 and 05 I went to spring training and was about 30 feet away from Donnie when he was working in the cage with some of the younger players and I felt like I did when I was 7 or 8 years old and my dad picked me up and put me over the rail at the stadium so I could stand on the same grass that Donnie Baseball did.

  • deezer

    Edit by RAB: I am a Red Sox troll. Look at how badly I need attention posting on a Yankee blog.