Memorabilia from the Golden Age of New York Baseball

Yanks sign Juan Gonzalez?
Let's Go Gi-ants!!!

On Friday, I dropped in a short post about the current exhibit on New York baseball history at the Museum of the City of New York. The exhibit runs through Monday, and if you’re looking for something to do over the next few days, I strongly recommend it.

But for those of you in not in the New York area or with no free time this weekend, worry not: I snapped a whole bunch of pictures at the exhibit of some of what I thought to be the more interesting sights. At left is a photo from the 1950s of a group of kids posed outside of Yankee Stadium. It’s a great shot of the exterior of the stadium before the renovations in the 1970s robbed the Stadium of that history. The new stadium — I’ll post photos of that next week — restores an entryway reminiscent of the original Yankee Stadium.

But what else can you see at the exhibit? Take a look. All links open the images in new windows:

If you can make it up to 103rd and Fifth for an hour or two tomorrow or Monday, check it out. The Glory Days of New York Baseball will be gone soon.

Yanks sign Juan Gonzalez?
Let's Go Gi-ants!!!
  • Lil Jimmy Norden

    Great pics, thanks for posting them for those who cannot make it

  • kirsch

    I went to that exhibit! It was a good exhibit had a lot of history I’m a huge Yankee fan but i love traveling to other stadiums over the course of the season, so getting to see the 3-d rendered
    Ebetts field was great.

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