Nothing more than a witch hunt

The Official Mitchell report thread
Anyone else care to grandstand today?

Here’s something to debate: Senator George Mitchell shouldn’t have named any name if he couldn’t name them all. This is a report based on testimony from one guy who’s trying to cop a plea to avoid jail time and another trainer fired. While I’m sure a lot of it’s true, there are a lot of names dropped in there with tenuous connections to steroids and other PEDs. When all is said and done, Mitchell wouldn’t have had anything to work with had Radomski avoided arrest, and the Senator hardly went further. This is a sham.

Eduardo Perez speaking on just asked, “What’s this going to solve in the long-run?” And my answer right now is simple: Nothing. This report will surely piss off the Player’s Association, and it casts baseball operations people in a bad light too. This report is probably one-quarter complete at best and just shouldn’t be out there in this format.

“Proof is testing positive,” Perez just said, and that pretty much sums up the validity of the Mitchell Report.

The Official Mitchell report thread
Anyone else care to grandstand today?
  • mg

    Agreed. This is simply a rehash of rumors plus the results of talking to one clubhouse worker and those who got popped with him. No way were one or two guys the only suppliers for all of baseball. To read Mitchell you’d think that Grimsley, Radomski and McNamee were the only people who ever supplied players outside of Balco. It’s crap. And the lack of players like Sosa in there is very questionable. This isn’t a definitive list. I’m sure some players on it were clean. Some probably weren’t. We’re left where we started.

  • Batty

    Couldn’t agree more – and to think there were only two people responsible for all the steroid use in baseball is a bit naive. Where are all the others on the Red Sox – I’m sure he would have had better access to those sources since he serves on the board.

  • Greg

    I think pettitte is going to be suspended.

  • Jamal G

    The report said Pettitte used HGH in June of 2002. HGH was not banned in MLB until 2005. No way in hell Pettitte gets suspended.

  • Travis

    Jamal is correct.

  • Jamal G

    LoL at Bud Selig saying the “the only thing I have to say about the cost, is that the cost of not doing this would be higher…”.

    This looking worse and worse as time moves on.

  • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

    Ben, I just emailed you an article that rips apart Mitchell and his “investigative” report. Between this post and that article: it’s a breath of fresh air. There is no criticism in the media – just blindless positivity and sicophantic praise. Disgusting.

    • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!


  • JZ

    True, there’s a lot to criticize about the report, chiefly the fact Mitchell appears to print names based on little more than the testimony of a couple guys trying to avoid serious jail time. Considering people’s careers are at stake, this required a little more skepticism from Mitchell. LoDuca’s toast for his weird notes and there are a few circumstantial bits of evidence (checks, FedEx receipts), but very little that would stand up in a courtroom. And by releasing everything in a single huge report, players who may have used HGH a few times (Pettite) get lumped in with serial steroid users (Clemens). That’s incredibly unfair. And yes, Clemens is ruined. Even his trainer lied to Mitchell, Clemens career seems a classic steroids case, with his sudden revitalization and ridiculous longevity. My guess is he won’t even make the Hall of Fame.

    • Kevin23

      You have no idea how much Clemons or Pettitte did. And to equate steroid use to longevity is also suspect at best. The reality is, we know nothing. The report tells us that even with millions of dollars, we will know nothing. Unless someone should just swallow their pride and ask Jose Canseco. He’s the only one who seems to know anything. Until then, this is a sham and an excuse to throw feces at people we hate. Like those goddam red sox! Where the hell are those names?

  • zack

    If Clemens doesn’t make it into the hall, Bonds too, baseball is officially a joke. Say what you want about steroids, but both those men belong there and the hall without them is worthless…

  • Lanny

    If I’m Clemens I’m announcing a huge lawsuit as we speak.

    They have nothing on him besides the word of a snitch. They dont have any proof. This is worse than a jailhouse confession. it doesn’t pass the smell test.

    You think if he retired in a Sox uni Mitchell would have included this BS???

    I hope he really fights it like Brian Roberts should.

    • Kevin23

      On what grounds?

  • Beau

    Maybe it’s my own personal hatred for Bonds, but I can’t stand him and wouldn’t care if he made it in the hall. He’s an ass, and while I know that has nothing to do with baseball it would still give me a lot of satisfaction knowing he was regarded as a joke. Clemens, I feel really got targeted specifically for his steroid use in 1998 because they would love to take away any credit the yankees got for that amazing season. I speak out of a bias standpoint, but that’s how I feel.

    • Ben K.

      Roger Clemens was on the Toronto Blue Jays in 1998. He had nothing to do with the Yanks’ great season that year.

    • Travis G.

      98 was the year before Clemens joined the Yanks.

  • Beau

    I mean his ‘alleged’ steroid use. =)

  • Beau

    That’s right… My bad. They said he continued steroid use after he came to the yankees because the trainer came with him though, right?

  • Kevin23

    How about, who cares? Maybe we’ll know something when a book is written 50 years after the fact, but for now, speculation is all you have.

    Its so sad that people not on the list are now going to be propped up as somehow better than those named. Innocence is a myth. Especially among athletes.

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

    What a waste of time and money, I hope Mitchell and company get raked over the coals for this half baked product. We shouldn’t be suprised that Mitchell would produce a product this lame, after leaving the Senate, this class act worked lobbying for Big Tobacco interests. Where was his concern for young people, then!