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    April 9: Igawa allows 12 runs in 1.1 innings against Kansas City. “What the hell were we thinking signing him?” Hideki Matsui says in first English comments to the media. Igawa is demoted to the Domincan Summer League, which doesn’t start play until June. “Best thing for him,” Hank Steinbrenner says during his daily press briefing.

    Nov 3: Parade through the Canyon of Heroes marred when confetti gets lodged in windpipe of Carl Pavano. “Hard to believe nobody in the crowd of five million knew the Heimlich Maneuver,” Derek Jeter says. “You never want to see a teammate choke to death like that.”


  • Spike

    That’s hilarious! And quite believable, might I add. Here’s my addition:

    Aug 19: Big Poppy Ortiz devolves back to ape status and gallops off to the Amazon Jungle. Red Sox sign Jose Canseco to be their DH.

  • Realist

    Hehe , very funny!

    How’s about?………….Febuary 17: The Rocket’s dream team of investigators finds that Mitchell suppressed evidence indiciting Manny , Big Papi and others on his favorite team!

    Not out of the realm of possibility mind you………..Mitchell WAS a politician ;-)!