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Johan Santana's great 2007
Prospect Profile: Jairo Heredia

Rich Lederer at The Baseball Analysts makes the Hall of Fame case for Tim Raines. By the time Raines arrived in New York, he was playing out the waning days of an excellent career, but he still be up some impressive numbers in limited playing time. During his career, he was often overshadowed by Rickey Henderson and should earn a spot in the Hall.

Johan Santana's great 2007
Prospect Profile: Jairo Heredia
  • Bo

    It’s sad that the people voting for the Hall are dumb as rocks. Because Raines is a first ballot guy.

  • Mike

    The problem is that Henderson changes the comparisons drastically. Without him, Rock easily gets in.

  • E-ROC

    That’s a pretty good argument. Tim Raines looks like HOF material.

  • steve (different one)

    the fact that Raines might not get in while Rice might get in exposes the voters for the morons (some of them) they are.

  • Bo

    I didn’t know “feared” was a category that go players into the Hall.

    I guess if Rice gets in we should get a spot ready for Albert Belle.

  • Mike A,

    Jim Rice isn’t a HOFer, neither is Mattingly. When the only people that want you in the HOF are the fans of your team, it’s not a good sign. Yes they were great players, but the HOF is – or should be – reserved for all-timers.

  • RJS

    The “overshadowed by Henderson” statement is the exact reason why Raines shouldn’t be in the HOF. If Raines was a true HOF player, he would have been the one doing the overshadowing.

    The comparison to Brock and Morgan is also pointless. Totally different eras, styles of play, and different levels of team success. Also, it’s easy to look at a 23 year career and point out fantastic cumulative stats. However, if you look at the individual seaons, Raines doesn’t look as impressive.

    23 seasons and only 6 of them with 100+ Runs scored. 23 seasons and only 1 with more than 70 RBI. No 200 hit seasons. No 100 walk seasons. No 40 double seasons. No 20 HR seasons. Only 1 Top 5 MVP finish, only 1 Top 5 OPS season. He wasn’t a standout defensive player. He wasn’t a standout post-season player. He doesn’t have any defining moments as a player. With the exception of maybe 1 or 2 seasons, he wasn’t even the best player on his team.

    Getting on base a lot does not make you a hall of famer. Yes, he’s 40th all time in getting on base, but Harold Baines, Dwight Evans, Darrell Evans, and Fred McGriff are right behind him on that list. Are they HOFers? Tony Phillips was a great leadoff hitter who got on base a lot – is he a HOFer?

    His stolen base totals are overrated too. He was a product of the Green Light era of the early to mid ’80s. Marginal players like Samuel, Wiggins, Wilson, Moreno, Coleman, etc all had huge SB totals in those years.

    Tim Raines was a very, very good baseball player and was a big part of the success of the late ’90s Yankees. But he’s not a HOFer.

    • steve (different one)

      wow, that is some crazy bad analysis.

  • Bo

    Rice and Mattingly and Keith Hernandez belong in the Hall of Very Good. They can induct Bernie in a few yrs too.

    RJS just made my head hurt from that terrible analysis.

  • Steve S

    I thought this was well written and actually a good argument. Unfortunately it will never work