• stuart

    best news I have seen in a while no Mahay waste to the Yanks.. I think Hank is going to overrule Cash and sell the farm for Santana and in the long run that will be a big mistake because we will give up Hughes and regret it only for about 10 yrs…

  • DanElmaleh

    The “MayDay” references would have been unbearable. Thank you David Glass.

  • neil

    GOOD. I would love to get Affeldt for that same deal. But it won’t happen so i’ll gladly take trevor miller for 2mil/ 1 yr with a 2nd yr. team option.

  • E-ROC

    Jeremy Affeldt will want more two years on his contract and will probably a little more expensive because of his age. Pass. What about Micah Bowie?

    Did the Yanks have any interest in Akinori Otsuka? Hopefully, his arm is in good health if the NYY do sign him.

  • E-ROC

    Has anyone read the Jayson Starks article? It has a Yankee source stating that Hank is moving towards doing the Santana deal with Hughes included, while Cashman and others having second thoughts about trading Hughes.


    • TurnTwo

      what i said below aside, i do think this is a move Hank needs to overrule BC on.

      There are two moves that I would pull the trigger on right now; One would be for Santana, and the second for Huston Street, and a move for Huston Street allows Cashman to finally move Farnsworth for good.

      Hughes, Melky, Betances and Hilligoss for Johan.

      Marquez, McCutcheon and maybe a third lower level prospect for Street.

      you’ve got the depth to make the moves, and each player you make a move for is under contract for multiple years going forward. no brainers for me.

      • Bo

        Thanks for giving Cahsman the okay to trade those prospects. Have you ever seen those prospects play or you just taking names off a list? What if the Yanks have Marquez rated as a #2 starter? What if they have Betances as an ace? It’s irresponsible and pretty dumb to just throw prospects out in trade proposals.

        • TurnTwo

          I actually do get to see a lot of Trenton Thunder games, and I’ve watched Marquez, Horne, and McCutcheon throw.

          I dont know anyone who thinks Marquez is rated as high as a number 2 in a rotation at the MLB level. and MCCutcheon has thrown well, but some scouts have him pegged as a long reliever evenutally.

          I have not seen Hilligoss play, but have seen highlights of Betances and read the scouting reports, prob same as everyone else.

          These guys could be good, and some, like Betances, do have major upside potential, but they are at minimum prob 3 years from helping the MLB team. if you think about it, the players who you can acquire would still be here in NY when these players MAY arrive.

          get better now, be better in 3 or 4 years, and continue to develop for later.q

          • Clay

            That’s the exact thinking that has been getting the team in trouble the last few years. Make trades for next year and worry about the consequences later. Its the reason we have to make trades and big signings every year during the offseason; we give away players to make another run.

            If the team were to just go into next year with this current team, we could have a strong idea which of the big 3 (and maybe Horne) will probably considered part of the long term plan. If all three stick, the team will have a long string of pennants. If only one sticks, we have a great 1-2 punch for the next few years with Wang. One year of being the wild card favorite instead of the division favorite to have several years of success. Making a trade for just next year hurts the long term progress of the team.

            • TurnTwo

              its not the exact thinking. the players you are trading for, Johan and Street, are in their prime and will be a foundation of this pitching staff for the next 4 or 5 years.

              you arent trading young players for old vets. you are trading young potential for proven young players, and thats the difference.

              • Clay

                But if one and only one of the three pitches sticks, they become the foundation (with Wang) for the next 10 years with cost control for the first 5/6.

                Signing them to long term deals that you can’t get out from underneath. Last few years proved that the Yankees don’t have an endless amount of cash to spend. And 29 is not young (especially compared to 21), he is in his prime right now and then the team overpays for his decline years just like Giambi, Damon, Matsui, Jeter, Posada, Arod, etc.

                • TurnTwo

                  right, and chances are only one of them will stick. if you were to hedge your bets, that is most likely going to be Joba, who has the best stuff out of the 3 of them.

                  so if you could build your foundation around Joba and Wang, and then trade one of the other 3 for an already proven MLB top 5 pitcher, how are you worse off?

                  and i dont buy the money argument at all. these are the yankees, and between the network and the franchise, and then add in the new stadium, they are worth billions of dollars. somehow, i think they can afford it.

  • TurnTwo

    this post is made under the assumption that Cashman was going to give Mahay a big deal, and I dont think thats the case.

    All things considered, if BC really wanted to sign Mahay, wouldnt he have done it by now, and just given in for the 3rd year?

    I actually think this is another sign that we should all trust that BC knows what he’s doing, and that he’s in control.