Santana talks will not die

Damon mad at NBC, bloggers
I spent $20 million for a steroid report and all I got was this t-shirt

Ed Price has a quote from Hankenstein on the Santana talks:

“We’re still thinking about it,” senior vice president Hank Steinbrenner said yesterday. “We haven’t ruled it out completely. We’re still considering it. I haven’t closed the door completely on Santana.”

He goes on to say that Cashman has talked to Bill Smith in the past couple of days. The report states that the Yankees would get back into the Santana Sweepstakes if they could shed Hideki Matsui‘s contract. That seems like a red herring. No way you let $13 million stand in the way of you and Santana if you really, truly want him.

In other news, Mark Prior’s agent John Boggs has confirmed that he has received some interest from the Yanks. The only problem is that Prior is looking for a one-year deal without an option so that he can prove himself and get a shot on the market in 2009. We saw how this failed in the case of Octavio Dotel, though the Yankees surely have learned their lesson on rushing guys back from major surgery. If they take all the precautions, Prior could be an incredible help in the second half.

The Nationals and the Mets are also in on Prior. If I’m him, I’m definitely going to the Mets. It would otherwise be tough to land with a contender and have a pretty-much guaranteed slot in the rotation come June.

Hat tip to MLB Trade Rumors.

Damon mad at NBC, bloggers
I spent $20 million for a steroid report and all I got was this t-shirt
  • CB

    As long as the Boston rumors persist I’d imagine the Yankees will continue with these kinds of statements. Why make Boston feel like they are the only party in this?

    If I were Prior I’d definitely stay in the National League. If he’s looking to get his value up to hit the market soon why would he want to go to the AL East? The Mets are a very good thought. He’ll get run support. But given how bad the lineups in the NL West are I’d look there if I was trying to have the biggest season possible.

  • Grant

    Wouldn’t it cost the entire farm at this point? Not including the $140 million they want.

  • jjhammer31

    People like Hankenstein should have an “N” for nepotism branded on their forehead.

    First, he makes the deadline. Ok.

    Then, the deadline passes. Ok.

    Now, he openly goes back on his own deadline even though there is still a good chance that no deal will be made.

    It’s one thing to go back on the deadline and lose credibility in order to make the deal. But, it’s retarded to go back on the deadline without a deal being made.

    If he wanted to keep the sox on their toes why did he make the deadline in the first place. What if Hank’s dad was a brain surgeon? Would he get a free pass to cut open people’s skulls?

    Would he please just stick to what he’s good at. You know, signing the checks.

    • Ben K.

      This is pretty much exactly what happened in the RJ dealings back in 2004. While Randy made not have made a big difference in the long run, the Yanks didn’t give up all that much, and that trade worked out. People are flipping out a bit too much about artificial deadlines.

  • eric from morrisania

    What’s wrong with doing a one year and an option deal for Prior? It’s basically a one year deal… maybe he works out, maybe he doesn’t.

  • Stephen

    The idea that Matsui’s money would be the stumbling block in the Santana talks is ridiculous. Giambi’s going to be off the books after this season and that’ll pretty much cancel out the Santana contract.

    Also I don’t think people should make too much of these deadlines. Of course they’re only negotiation tools, not legally binding. If the Twins come back and are ready to talk about a better deal then the deadline will have served its purpose and the Yanks should talk.

  • Larry

    If Hank is still in on Johan, then I’m still in. With this Andy stuff floating around, I’d like to have Johan in ’09 (and yeah, I’d like to have Phil too, but i’d do the deal).

  • zack

    The ESPN version also makes sure at the end of the article to specifically say that:
    “The Yankees had proposed swapping pitcher Phil Hughes, center fielder Melky Cabrera and a midlevel prospect for the two-time Cy Young Award winner. While up-and-coming pitcher Joba Chamberlain was deemed untouchable, Steinbrenner is coming to grips with the possiblilty of losing Hughes.

    “That’s something that I’ll have to decide,” Steinbrenner said, according to the Daily News. “For the near future, we’re in a no-lose situation, to tell you the truth.””

  • Lanny

    Prior would be a great gamble.

  • huuz

    I agree that the Yanks should go after Prior. in some respects this would be consistent with their draft philosophy: get the most talented guy (regardless of injury concerns) and pay them…just like brackman. however, that supposes that Prior can be had for < $4M/year…so I don’t know…

    i still think that Cash should make these types of moves with abandon. low risk, high reward, where the only penalty is $…not prospects.

    then again, would prior require a roster spot? or would he be getting a minor league assignment while he rehabs?

  • Steve S

    As much the A’s got for Haren, I think it should be obvious to the Twins that they have overvalued Santana, requesting the players they got and Haren has more value than Santana at this point. As much as Santana is a better pitcher, with a better track record, he only has one year left on his contract and is two years older. Therefore the haren package has to be arguably bigger than the Santana package. As Rob Neyer says they are trading contracts not players.

    All that being said, the A’s got a bunch of true prospects, I think Eveland is the only guy who has sniffed the majors at this point. And there may be a legit prospects in that package (at least according to Baseball America, who isnt the greatest indicator of young talent, I didnt see Ryan Braun on the top of their lists last year and he was by far the best young player out there. I did see Homer Bailey, who Cincinatti has considered trading this offseason). But the reality is Hughes, Kennedy, Ellsbury, Lester and Bucholz, are all players who are ahead of any of those players included in the Haren trade because they have seen Major league competition (specifically American League comp).

    The Santana package has to be something but Haren package shouldnt be thought of as a bench mark at all. I never understood why it would be.

  • Steve S

    And after some time, I think saving the big three is the right thinking. But I think the Yankees were too quick to not discuss Cano. I know how sacred he is here, but I think for the short term and the long term, he might be the best guy to include on this deal, rather than any of the three pitchers.

  • barry

    Get Prior

  • Alvaro

    Hank Steinbrenner is a jackass. This is Cashman’s last year with the Yankees.

  • Mitchell’s Eleven

    With the bullpen the way it is, why NOT go after Prior, even under a one-year deal?

    Now the real game of chicken with Santana would begin, because we have zero reason to include Hughes in the deal anymore. And, no, I wouldn’t deal Matsui to be able to afford Santana. I’d still take my chances on free agency with him.

  • Lanny

    Why would Cashman leave? He has full authority. The organization is run exactly how he wants it. He has full control of signings and the amateur draft. He has unlimited funds and he has been with the org for his whole pro life.

    You really think he wants to run the Pirates or some crappy team like that??

    Hank may be a quote machine but he learned from his dads mistakes. He won’t mess up a Golden Goose.

    There are a million worse bosses than the Steins.

  • Lanny

    If they can get Santana without giving up Hughes, wow.

    I said from Day 1 that the Sox were only in to make the Yanks pay full price. The Yanks called their bluff.

  • Nefarious Jackson

    Prior would be a great gamble to take, but I agree wit the point Joseph P makes, the METS staff is such a joke that if he can get the ball to the catcher they will give him a spot in the rotation & he wouldnt have to pitch against the AL East… maybe the Yanks can offer more dough and a line-up that might score 1000 runs so Prior wouldn’t have to be excellent to rack up some wins

    As soon as the steroid stuff broke I had a feeling the Santana stuff would come up again as a distraction– probably would’ve come up again anyhow

    But if the Sox are in it just to F*ck with the Yanks and the Mets have garbage to offer who are the yanks in a bidding war with and why would PHIL have to be part of any package? Buster Onley on the Mike Kay show earlier in the week said he expected the deal to go down with the Sox in a couple of days… well, it’s been a couple of days and nothing, seems like the Sox deal has been right around the corner for a month…. it seems like this is the time for Cash to earn his cash … I know it’s a COMPLETELY different level player but when the Yanks were desperate for an outfielder in 06′ the Phillies insisted all summer on HUGHES & TABATA for Abreu… they got significantly less— if Boston isnt for real who are we bidding against? At some point the twins are going to need to trade him, they wouldnt just settle for a couple of draft picks and they dont seem like they are going to keep him and go for it this year when they might be the third best team in their own division(depending a lot on Liriano)

  • pounder

    If we trade Melky in the Santana deal,we would then have to go on the market for a center fielder.With all the good ones taken already,we may wind up with Cameron,or UGH johnny Damon.Regardless, this deal would be very costly to the Yanks.140 mil for Santana,plus another pile of bucks for the replacement in CF.We have already paid over 400 mil for the privilege of bringing back essentialy the same cast of characters that folded in crunch time the last 7 years.Time to turn the page,stick with the kids,we will be as competitive with them.

  • threejdad

    i wouldn’t include hughes in a trade under any circumstances, even straight up for santana! hughes will be another (pre-steroids) clemens or seaver, whose strength in in his legs. remember that before he popped his hamstring, which affected his pitching for the remainder of the season, he was working on a no hitter. also, never consider a subpar performance (ie the second half of santana’s season) a mere “blip”. it is often the start of a decline in a pitcher approaching his 30’s who has logged a lot of innings.