Stark: Yanks-Twins deal on life support

Yanks, Twins meeting now, but nothing doing yet
Yanks complete a trade

The Twins still want Ian Kennedy. The Yanks still won’t, rightfully, surrender two young pitchers in this deal. Thus, Jayson Stark believes that the Yanks will pull out of the trade talks for good momentarily. I have no idea how any announcement will come, but you can still support saving the Big Three. They are all still on the Yanks. For now.

Yanks, Twins meeting now, but nothing doing yet
Yanks complete a trade
  • eddy b

    Please oh Please oh Please be true. please pull out now

  • Mike Plugh

    This is fun. What will be MUCH more fun is watching the Twins try to cobble together value of any kind for Santana once we’re out of it.

    • steve (different one)

      maybe they just can’t bring themselves to trade the most popular Twin of the last 15 years?

      maybe this isn’t a game, and they are truly conflicted?

      • Mike Plugh

        No way. He’s gone for sure at the end of the year, and this is their best chance to get value. If they wait until the trade deadline they have zero leverage, even if Santana waives the no trade. The Yankees can lowball them with the trade deadline looming and the final bell for value.

        Smart GMs make the deal now. The Yankees offered outstanding value, and the Red Sox are offering very very good value. No Yankees equals big hurt, and I don’t mean Frank Thomas…..although they’d be lucky to get him after we’re out.

  • save hughes

    i think its exactly how they say… they cant come to an agreement… the twins are trying to rob us and we wont allow that to happen(right now atleast, but who knows with hanky panky) so i think they will try and find another team they can rob.

  • Ivan

    Tyler Clippard just got traded for Jonathan Albaladejo.

    • dan


    • Ben K.


    • Jamal G

      Just did some quick reading on Jonathan Albaladejo and he was graded as a Grade C+ Prospect in the Nats Top 20 by John Sickels. Not too sure on any of his pitchers but he did have a great year combined at AAA and the MLB levels.

      Nats Top 20

      Jon A. Stats

  • dan

    “Jayson Stark believes that the Yanks will pull out of the trade talks for good momentarily.”

    Is it for good, or momentarily? They’re kinda different.

    • Ben K.

      Momentarily as in “any minute now.”

      • dan

        Oh ok I misread that. I thought it meant that they will stop talking for now and then revisit talks later. my bad.

      • Travis G.

        but you never know with Hank when they’ll jump back in.

  • bkight

    Do you think that Hughes and Joba switch #’s next year when they have more choices at Spring Training?

  • Travis G.;spln=1

    a Sawx official thinks a deal could still happen with the Yanks.

    • Ben K.

      Saw that, but I’m not big on reporting feelings. Everyone else is saying that the deal is unlikely. This one guy has a feeling. Great.

  • Stephen

    If the deal does fall apart now, I don’t think the Yanks should really get out of this for good. With the Yanks out, the Twins will not find a deal nearly as good as the one the Yanks offered (the Ellsbury talk was just a stunt to get the Yanks to add more into the deal) By the later part of the offseason the Twins ought to be pretty desperate to make a deal, a fact aided by Santana’s statements that he would veto any trade during the season or to any team other than the Yanks and the Sox. With the return of Pettitte, the rotation is looking a lot more solid and Cash can afford to play it cool. I really feel that the Twins missed his best chance here, hopefully the Yanks can take full advantage of that situation by swooping in in a few months.