The end of an era in the Bronx

Couple of minor league losses
Waiting out Steroid D-Day

T.J. Beam has been non-tendered. Pour one out for him. Joining him in free agency are Darrell Rasner and Mighty Matt DeSalvo. And thus the Yankees have freed up their 40-man spots for all of the returning players.

On another note, Mark Prior has also been non-tendered. Isn’t that one oh-so-tempting?

Couple of minor league losses
Waiting out Steroid D-Day
  • jeff

    Like everyone else, I would LOVE to see the Yankees give Prior a shot in the bullpen, assuming he’s willing. But I read somewhere that he might not be ready until the All Star break. I just tried to find that reference again, but couldn’t. Does anyone know about that?

    Kevin Mench is another interesting name that was non-tendered. There’s really no place on the roster for him right now, but he could be a very nice bench player if the Yankees deal an outfielder. He has crushed left-handed pitching for his whole career.

    • Stu

      Is it just me, or does this non-tender period seem more serious than any other time in recent history? Maybe I’m just paying more attention, but there are some really good names on that list.

  • ikl

    It is irritating that they couldn’t work something out to get Pavano off the roster. These three guys all had a better chance to be contributors than Pavano.

  • jeff

    And one more interesting name: Akinori Otsuka. speculated that the fact he was non-tendered might be a sign the Rangers think he needs TJ surgery. Makes sense. But if he’s healthy, he’s going to get a lot of attention.

  • Jerry

    Otsuka and Kiko Calero should be pursued.

  • Skrappy1

    I agree, Otsuka, Prior, and Calero are all very interesting names that could be high reward/low risk investments. Any of them could turn out to be a worthless investment, like Dotel did for us a couple of years ago and Wade Miller did for the Sox. But, they all have a lot of talent, should come at a discount, and could also turn out to be steals on cheap 1-2 year deals. The Jon Lieber investment coming off his injury worked out pretty well a few years back.

    Also, Kevin Mench (as mentioned above) and Morgan Ensberg were non-tendered too. Both have historically been very good against LHP, and I would love to see either added to the bench as a part-time RH bat to pinch hit and/or platoon with Giambi, and Matsui. I know Ensberg has been bad as a part-timer the last couple of years with Houston, but he still has destroyed LHP to the tune of .284 AVG/.406 OBP/.530 SLG in his career.

  • Jamal G

    The second we heard the Cubs might non-tender Mark Prior last month or so I believe all of us were salivating at the thought of him joining this bullpen. However I expect the Mets to be in strong pursuit in order to add depth to their rotation especially if they go through with the Santana deal.

  • Malcard89

    If Prior or any other non tendered player is signed, is he placed on the 25 man or the 40 man roster? And how do we go about signing these guys anyway, are they just literally out there on the free agent market for any team to sign?

    • Ben K.

      Yup. They’re all just free agents now.

      • Malcard89

        wow. so what exactly is stopping the yankees from pouncing on Prior right now to a reasonable, $4 million for 2 year deal? or is that too low?

        • Joseph P.

          I’m thinking Prior is looking for a one-year deal to prove himself, so he can get a better deal next winter.

  • barry

    Sign Prior! Anyone still have Levine’s number.

  • RollingWave

    interesting, didn’t think they’d non-tender Rasner. who at least seem to have a decent idea of what he’s doing out there.

  • Rob

    Rasner was hurt right. I thought he was going to be out for the first half of the year.

    If they sign anyone to a minor league deal (Prior), they wouldn’t have to add them to the 40-man until they’re called up.

  • Bo

    I had seen enough of Rasner, Beam and Desalvo.

  • Mike A.

    Sad day. Mighty Matt and his Kitchen Sink have long been personal faves. Darrell Rasner was actually pretty damn good for the Yanks last year before he got hurt. Sigh.

  • steve (different one)

    Darrell Rasner Sr., Rasner’s father, said his son will resign with the Yankees. By not tendering a 2008 contract to Rasner, the Yankees will be able to remove Rasner from their 40-man roster.

    But Rasner will still be invited to the Yankees Spring Training with a chance to make the 2008 Major League roster. Rasner’s father said his son will be given the chance to make the Big League club as a spot starter and long reliever.

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