• http://yankeesfuture.wordpress.com Pablo Zevallos

    There is a reason: racism

    It’s because the NFL is largely made of black players, and, although all of those chiseled-bodies are not what they seem to be, if the media/ordinary people criticize them, it’s then just plain racism because the analyst community (largely white) is criticizing black players.

    On the other hand, baseball is a largely white sport, so there is no concern on this level.

    This isn’t my personal opinion, but I just felt the need to have break PC boundaries to tell my opinion on the truth of ethics.

  • http://www.mvn.com/mlb-rays Eric SanInocencio

    Baseball fans complain that football isn’t held to the same standard when it comes to drug use, but the reason for that is the NFL doesn’t mess around when someone is caught cheating. They are suspended immediately, not paraded through the dog and pony show of hearsay written in a 409 page report.

    Bud Selig should resign over this.



  • Rob

    I’m trying to think about why this is such a big deal whereas drugs have been much more common, and earlier, in other sports. I honestly think it’s a matter of the history and records in baseball. 61 meant something – indeed a movie was made about it. 300 means something. 500 too.

    I think the closest comparison is the times and distances in track and field and, to an extent, swimming. And not surprisingly, that was ground zero in the war on PEDs.

    It’s also to me the difference between Roger and Barry and the other players named. Historically, their names and numbers matter.

    I’ll be very curious to hear what Pettitte says on Roger. Hopefully it’s not “No comment”.

    • barry

      It will be, “As far as I know, Roger Clemens has never used PEDs.”

  • mg

    The exemption from US Monopoly law is probably the biggest reason though. Baseball enjoys a special legal status that no other sport enjoys. This gives government an extra bit of leverage with baseball that it doesn’t have with football etc.