The Yankees have a sense of humor

Building a bullpen one LaTroy at a time
A fool and his money

I can’t really criticize the Yankees for the Carl Pavano contract. In 2004, everyone wanted a piece of Pavano, and the Yanks were bidding against the Red Sox, Tigers and Orioles, to name a few of the teams involved. Who knew that Carl Pavano, who had just thrown back-to-back 200-inning seasons, would utterly break down?

This week, when the Yankees officially welcome Alex Rodriguez and Mariano Rivera back into the fold, the Carl Pavano Era will come to an ignoble end. The Yankees are going to release Pavano and sign him to a Minor League deal for the purposes of rehab and insurance.

That’s not the funny part though. Here’s the funny part, courtesy of George King:

Pavano, 31, can’t return to Arizona because his questionable work ethic ticked off fitness guru Brett Fischer last winter. Pavano is leaning toward accepting the Yankees’ minor-league offer so he can have a place to rehab his elbow. By keeping him in the system, the Yankees protect themselves from Pavano healing ahead of schedule (pigs have a better chance of flying) and pitching effectively for another team.

So basically, the Yankees are worried that Pavano, whose work ethic is so bad that a fitness expert won’t take him on as a client, may recover faster than they anticipate? And I have a bridge to sell you.

The Yanks got 19 starts and 111.1 innings from Carl Pavano for their $39.95 million. They have to keep him in the Minors to collect the insurance on his contract. But do they really have to feed us this line? I guess the Yanks really do have that sense of humor.

Building a bullpen one LaTroy at a time
A fool and his money
  • Jamal G

    LoL, I guess they’re just family friendly. Its know that Pavno’s family are huge Yankees fans so maybe they just dont want to put a positive spin on things.

  • Jeff

    To be fair I think Pavano looked like he was in amazing shape comming into last season (better than Damond and Jeter). I do think the effort and intension was there to pitch. He could have done great to stay at Pettits side and keep working to put the mess behind him but obviously it wasn’t meant to be.
    Look I’m not crying for Pavano who has been the biggest let down on the planet. But lets just imagine that by some way of a miracle he rehabs in time to get two months of pitching in by the end of the season… could be nice out of the pen. Not holding my breath though… think the guy is cursed.

  • David

    Did the Yanks say that or did George King.

  • kris

    “questionable work ethic ticked off fitness guru Brett Fischer.”

    I didn’t read anything about this back in spring training ’07. How did they manage to cover it up until now?

    • dan

      That could easily be fake, we don’t know. Remember how great Joe Girardi was in Florida? Once they fired him they started a whole smear campaign to try and show what a bad guy/manager he was.

    • Ben K.

      This has been the rap on Pavano since at least 2006 when he missed the whole season for no good reason.

      • dan

        What do you mean, “no good reason”? He had a strained butt muscle and crashed his porsche while driving around with his supermodel girlfriend. If that’s not legit then I don’t know what is.

  • E-ROC

    Pavano is about to complete the greatest heist in recent memory. He might be able to help the Yanks midseason. Nah, I’m kiddin’.

    The Yanks should sign Julio Mateo. He would be a good cheap pick up.

  • E-ROC

    Nevermind. Julio damn-near killed his wife.