Twins not happy with Yanks ultimatum

Johan who? We've got Pettitte!
Our long national nightmare will soon be over

This comes from La Velle E. Neal III of the Minnesota Star Tribune. We’ve seen a number of Santana items pass through him, though not all of them have been wholly accurate.

Today, he reports that the Twins are not happy with Hank’s comments regarding Johan Santana. Technically, he says, the team could pursue tampering charges because of what Hank said. Specifically: “Because as much as I want Santana, and you can make that clear ā€” for his sake, to know that I do want him ā€” but the fact is that Iā€™m not going to play the game.”

The game, of course, is the pitting of the Yanks against the Sox. Neal also adds that Santana has not limited the Twins trading options to the Sox and the Yanks, but that could be the Twins PR team at work.

All of this is short for: Nothing’s happened.

Johan who? We've got Pettitte!
Our long national nightmare will soon be over
  • Robert

    The twins can get as upset as they want. The bottom line is that they know that they are now being backed into a corner and if the Yankees drop out, they will have no choice but to keep Santana and lose him to free agency next offseason unless they come crawling back to the yankees before the season begins. And if they do that, the yankees will be in the position of power and will not give up Hughes.

  • Outlaw43

    The Twins are upset with the Yankees ultimatum because it’s dealt the final blow to their negotiating power. With Pettitte back the Yankees are probably more inclined to stick to their ultimatum (because he gives them a security blanket if Haren or Bedard negotiations fall through) and if the Yankees pull out, the Twins can say goodbye to any chance of getting Ellsbury and Lester from the Sox.

  • MS

    At least Hank tell us what he thinks. Other owners, GM’s, and player just give these phony lines. We know he means what he says. (at least at that moment anyway)

  • Mike Plugh

    Pettitte re-signing was the best thing that ever happened in this mess. It now gives us the opportunity to really flip the middle finger at Minnesota. Pettitte, Wang, Hughes, Joba, and Kennedy is beautiful. Two vets, with Moose in the wings, and three studly prospects earning their stripes.

    I still think the Yankees deal of Hughes, Melky, and mid-level flotsam is fair and reasonable, and I’d love to have Santana in NY. If they won’t take that deal, the three kids are still in the fold and we march forward. It’s a win-win at this point, in my opinion.

    Stick it to ’em Hank.

    • Joseph P.

      Well put, as always, Mike.

    • Count Zero


      I’m feeling MUCH happier about all of this today! :-)

  • Kevin23

    Boo freaking hoo. It just goes to show, their biggest bargaining chip is the fact that the Yankees are involved.

  • Tripp

    I don’t see how that’s tampering?

  • Mitchell’s Eleven

    Well said by Hank.

  • wrench

    It is bad practice to comment on another team’s player are under contract. They aren’t mad about the comments about take it or leave it, just the fact that he said he wants Johan.

  • 26

    i wouldn’t mind forefeting 3 games next season by refusing to show for a series in minnesota, see how they like the financial hit.

    • steve (different one)

      that’ll show ’em!!

  • barry

    I don’t see how thats tampering, the Twins are desperate, they know they bluffed and they were called.

    • Kanst

      Here is why it is tampering. Now Johan’s agent knows for a fact that the Yankees are interested. If the Twins were to approach him about a contract extension he could easily say “We want at least 25 million a year since we know the Yanks are interested and they could pay that much”

  • Jamal G

    Its tampering because like in any sport you can not comment about another organization’s employee in terms of acquiring them while that said employee is still under contract. In other words, you gotta keep your mouth shut about other players not on your team and that are not free agents.

    • zack

      Yeah, but how is it any more tampering than saying they want to send these prospects FOR santana, or the Twins saying they WANT Hughes. I guess it is a matter of the direct source…Its all nonesense, poor old Twinkies, getting their game turned back on them…

      • bkight

        If the Twins had not opened trade talks for Santana with the Yankees, then maybe what Hank said could be considered tampering. I think offering your best pitching prospect, your starting CF and another player indicates “I want Johan”

  • Jeff

    Guess being a complete maniac runs in the family. Shouldn’t there be someone there to advise him on what he says to the media… which in essence should be nothing at all.
    Hank if you’re listening – Next time you have some big ideas… talk to Cash and let him deal with it. He’s a bit smarter than you.

  • ceciguante

    i think hank is a pretty sharp guy — good interview w/ steve serby last week shed some light on his style of thinking. i just don’t think he’s learned how speaking to the media about baseball dealings sometimes requires a “less is more” approach. i love his candor, i just fear he tips his hand a bit too much.

    re: tampering, the difference between hank’s statement and minnesota’s (apparent) requests for hughes et al is that hank make his statement expressly and publicly. that is a no-no under the tampering rules. the twins’ statements, to my knowledge, have been media reports of private negotiations — those are not tampering.

    all that aside, i don’t think the pettitte announcement puts MIN against the wall as badly as some here are saying. the sword still hangs over the yanks in a major way, pettitte or not: santana in a red sox uniform likely means red sox dynasty. that is a serious threat, notwithstanding the outcome for lester/ellsbury/hughes/etc.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Tampering usually means that clubs may not talk about their interest in players under contract to other clubs or otherwise interfere with the contractual rights of those clubs. Here, the Twinkies are actively shopping Santana and letting others know their interest in our players under contract in return for him. That’s not the same as Hank saying, “You know I’d really like Jonathan Papelbon to pitch for the Yankees and I’d pay him so much more than the Red Sox will.” THAT’S tampering.

    This is not the same thing.

    If the Twinkies are upset, they need to remember they started it. Their interest in Phil Hughes and Jacoby Ellsbury is not unknown.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I wish Hank would just tell the Twinkies to pound sand and then Boston will pull back Ellsbury and the Twinkies will belong to the Scott Boras “I thought I had a better hand than that.” club.

  • LBA Prequel

    To quote George Harrison: “Wah wah, I don’t need your wah wah.” :p

    Seriously, good. I hope they’re pissed off. Keep Hughes and Melky. If they want Lester and Crisp, kudos. Hell, if they manage to steal Ellsbury, more power to them.