Yanks complete a trade

Stark: Yanks-Twins deal on life support
The Yanks and Twins may still be talking. Or not.

According to an anonymous report in the Washington Post, the Yankees did manage to complete a trade on Monday. They reportedly sent Tyler Clippard to the Nationals in exchange for promising 25-year-old reliever Jonathan Albaladejo. While there was really no place for Clippard in the Bronx, he may yet get his chance to start for the Nationals. Albaladejo threw 14.1 innings for the Nats last season with a 1.88 ERA and a 0.63 WHIP. He struck out 12 and walked 2 and immediately becomes a cog in the Yankees’ bullpen.

Stark: Yanks-Twins deal on life support
The Yanks and Twins may still be talking. Or not.
  • chris fowler

    interesting… to be honest i’ve never heard of albaladejo but the numbers look promising. nice.

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    ok minor league numbers. the only thing that jumps out is the crazy low bb rate. with the Bruneys, Proctor, Edwar, Farnses, etc. walking the world the last few years, they finally got a guy who can throw consistent strikes. and who can blame them? i dont know anything about his repertoire though.

  • Bbig

    yeah i like this move. no real need for clippard when there’s so many in front of him.

    does this still mean we try and sign vizcaino?

  • giselle

    i think this is a good trade. there really wasn’t a place for clippard in ny.

  • http://natsreport.blogspot.com jon

    Albaladejo has stuff, with an electric fastball and a tough makeup. He came up and performed well after his callup. He was a waiver wire grab, so this trade was great for the Nats, but it could work well for the Yanks too.

  • mehmattski

    Cross posted from Bronx Banter (cause I did the research and didn’t want it to go to waste):

    [104] Albaladejo, 24 y/o RHP from San Juan career ML numbers:

    1-1, 14.3 IP, 7 H, 3 ER, 1 HR, 2 BB, 12 K

    In 536 minor league innings spanning 7 seasons, Albaladejo had 438 strikeout and 103 walks, only surrendering 19 homers. Last year between AA and AAA he threw 60 innings with 56 strikeouts and 22 walks, and a 2.97 ERA (he was better at AAA than AA).

    John Sickels ranked him the 15th best Nationals prospect in 2007 with a C+ grade (same as Clippard’s grade, fwiw). He was originally part of the Pirates system but was let go as a six-year minor league free agent in 2004, after a subpar season which saw his fastball drop to the high-80s. He seems to have bounced back with good results in the high minors in 2007. I don’t know what he offers over Ross Ohlendorf, but it was clear that Clippard wasn’t going to get a shot with the Yanks going forward.

  • http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=56352514 Jamal G

    When The Viz was not being overused he posted an ERA of 1.31 from May to August. So I really, really, want this guy back.

  • zack

    Seems like a smart trade by the Yanks. Nobody was buying into Clippard as a “real” prospect, let alone a possibility in a legit trade like some of those ludicrous offers. This si the right way to build a BP, IMHO–collect a whole bunch of arms and throw them out there and see who sticks. Get a bunch of cheap guys with either good stuff or good control and see what works…

  • dan

    props to ivan on the last thread for the tip

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    Looks like a good pickup. Like the low walk and homerun totals, but ideally you’d like someone who strikes out more batters. Still, for Clippard . . .

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      I’m fine with the low strikeouts. I mean, 19 homers in 536 innings?!? That’s insane.

      We’ve gone at it with bullpen guys who are all about blowing people away. I like this change of pace.

  • Stephen

    I can’t say I’ve ever heard of him, but it seems to be a solid pick up. Certainly no real use for Clippard as another one of the infamous AAAA pitchers who seem to be popping up all over the place. The Yanks are obviously not going to find anybody who can bring what Joba brought to the bullpen last year, so they’re going to have to rely on a number of solid, if unspectacular, options: Viz, Albaladejo, Ohlie, maybe someone from the Riske class of free agents. I can’t say that’s a setup group I dream about but it shouldn’t be a true liability.

    • Jerry

      I wonder why people have dropped Britton as being a good option. He did well in Baltimore and outperformed Ohlendorf in AAA. Sure Ohlendorf has the better stuff but I still think he needs a good second pitch.

  • Outlaw43

    I’m not sold on Albaladejo as an AL pitcher, but Clippard was never going to make it back to the Yankees. No risk move, only the potential to pay off.

  • Greg

    from ESPN:

    1:09 a.m., from Jayson Stark
    • The Yankees’ “by Monday night” deadline came and went. And Johan Santana was still a Twin when Tuesday arrived at the winter meeting. But even though the Yankees and Twins were still talking about different combinations as the night grew later and later, there was no indication that they were any closer to a deal for Santana than they were four days ago. In fact, if anything, the momentum seemed to be in the opposite direction. Officials from other clubs said several of the Yankees’ baseball personnel at the meetings had begun openly questioning whether they even wanted to make this trade if the Twins said yes. “The more this goes on,” said one AL executive, “the less they want to do it.”


    YESS !!!:)

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    but –

    instead of IPK, the Twinkies want Horne AND Ajax. Hank is too smart for that, right? please?

    • kris

      “The deadline set by … Hank Steinbrenner had passed whether he meant New York time, or even Nashville or Minneapolis time. Regardless, the Twins reportedly felt more amused than threatened …”

      Our proud owner Hank is a joker to the entire baseball world.

      • zack

        No, just to you

  • sevrox

    Hank is fine – he’s only the owner of the New York Yankees located in the media capital of the world. He passes gas and it’s news. You don’t see the KC Royals owner passing gas and making news.

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