Yanks lose Gardner in Rule V draft


The Major League portion of the Rule V draft is over. The Yanks didn’t select anyone, but they did lose reliever Mike Gardner to the Padres. Here’s BA’s Rule V draft blog, I’ll update this post later on.

Update: The Yanks took RHP Bo Hall from Milwaukee in the Triple-A Phase. Don’t know anything about him, but he just turned 27 and has a 502-196 K/BB ratio in 498.2 career IP. Maybe he throws hard.

Update II: Not Yankee related, but the Jays took OF Brant Colamarino from the A’s in the Triple-A Phase. You may remember the A’s FO declaring that “Colamarino may be the best hitter in the country, but no one will admit it” in Moneyball. Five years and a .270 career average later, he’s Rule V fodder. Figures that Ricciardi was the one to take’em.

Update III: The Rule V draft is over; the Yanks didn’t lose or gain anyone beyond what is mentioned above. Brian Barton was the best player taken, going to the Cardinals in the ML portion. The Mets got an intriguing arm in Steven Register - he should have no trouble beating out the Jorge Sosa’s and Joe freakin’ Smith’s of the world for the 6th-7th inning role. 

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  1. Spike says:

    Whew! Thought you were talking about Brett Gardner for a sec.

  2. save hughes says:

    same here spike… i almsot freaked out there.

  3. Ron says:

    The 3rd pick in the Triple A phase is Ray Liotta. Is that the actor’s kid?

    • Mike A. says:

      No, just a coincidence.

      • Brian says:

        Yeah. My Wheaties are back in my bowl. Thanks.
        Gardner, Michael was recently 48th on the pinstripesplus top 50. Could have made the big leagues by september, but don’t we now have 18 guys or so that are in that to-be-reliever position? (now even White, Marquez, Horne, Sanchez, et al).
        He was lower down on the depth chart. No big deal.

        At least Eric Duncan got his bowl of breakfast down. I hope he can get better.

      • eric from morrisania says:

        Apparently, the Royals thought they were drafting

  4. steve (different one) says:

    anyone with a quick summary of Gardner? worth anything?

    • Mike A. says:

      Righty, low-90s, nothing fancy but we would have seen him in the Bronx this year. Another shrewd bargain basement grab by Kevin Towers, he’ll put up a nice ERA in Petco.

  5. Count Zero says:

    Way to give me a heart attack. I’m going — “WTF! Gardner’s not even eligible yet, is he?”

    You guys did that on purpose — I know you did. :-)

  6. Brian says:

    Oops, above post not a reply.

  7. sabernar says:

    Not to be picky, but it’s “Rule 5″ *NOT* “Rule V”

  8. Jamal G says:

    Lol the Gardner thing was wrong, very wrong.


    there is no blog in the country where people are devoted to their team like yankee blog

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