The End (of Pavano) is near

Meeting Mattingly in an elevator
Yanks, Giants talked Matsui

From George “I make up funny nicknames for players, like Kyle ‘The Mop’ Farnsworth, haha” King:

With a need for space on the 40-man roster, the Yankees are about to approach “American Idle” Carl Pavano. Their plan is to release him then invite him to spring training on a minor-league deal. Pavano had Tommy John surgery last summer. The minor-league offer may have something to do with collecting insurance money on Pavano’s four-year, $40 million contract that expires after the 2008 season.

Let’s just end this experiment already and let him walk. Maybe Dave Duncan can work his magic and revitalize Pavano’s career, but his days in pinstripes should be over.

(Hat tip to Patrick)

Meeting Mattingly in an elevator
Yanks, Giants talked Matsui
  • kunaldo

    while signing the contract he’ll probably sprain his finger

  • Batty

    I just wish he’s paying for his own rehab – for some reason I see him coming back to some other team after rehabbing and being lights-out.

  • Grant

    Unless Dave Duncan is the finest medical doctor in the world, he can’t help Pavano. Oh wait, can he give Pavano a bionic body?

  • Jeff

    Kunaldo… good one.

    I think they should offer him a four year contract worth $1. Maybe hell earn some of the dough we blew on him.

  • Ben K.

    Insurance. That’s what’s paying for Carl Pavano right now.

  • Patrick

    Thanks Mike.

  • JRVJ

    If this works, from an insurance standpoint, let’s do it.

    On some levels I don’t blame Pavano for his body sucking, but this is something that he can control and that would help the Yankees (by every objective standard, Pavano must realize that the Yankees have paid for little to no production from him).

  • Beau

    We can’t afford to release Pavano people. He will be our key negotiating chip to get back in this Santana race. Kidding, kidding.=) He’s a scrub and makes me wish we never offered him a contract, but held out til Josh Beckett came available for trade. They should at least have made him our bat boy last year. That would have ensured he was doing SOMETHING to help the team. Giambi, Pavano for Dan Haren. I see it happening.;)

    • Glen L

      I don’t see how we could have topped Boston’s Hanley Ramirez offer .. Florida was in love with him .. and rightfully so even if he is an abysmal defensive SS

  • Rob

    Could someone just take Pavano out back and shoot him already?

  • Beau

    I don’t think when the Yanks initially signed Pavano it was a bad move. During his glory years with the Marlins Pavano was quite good. That was just one of the examples that any signing can go bad. The mystery to me was signing “Mr washed-up” Jaret Wright for similar money. I understand taking a gamble on Wright for being as young as he was but certainly not for the money offered. Obviously his arm wasn’t the same. When he pitched with the Indians he had a 98-100 mph fast ball and after all his injuries he was more like 92 or 93 at best. I mean seriously Cashman… Come on!!! The guy had one good year with the Braves in a league, I think we all can agree, is inferior. Especially in the hitting category. The Yanks need to limit taking chances on anyone who hasn’t proven themselves, at least for a couple strong seasons in a row.

  • jon

    I disagree. I say you make him pitch for the Yankees for all eternity. If he sucks, send him to Double A for organizational depth. He’s straight stolen money from this team, and he needs to earn it back, one way or another.

    Another option is having him sell hot dogs in the bleachers…

  • mike

    while I am no fan of Cashman, lets not forget that if Mr. Rivera is able to throw a strike against Boston in Game 4, or if Roberts trips and stumbles on his way to 2nd, the Yanks have a parade with Brown, Vasquez and Leiber in their rotation, and Theo et. al are out of work after getting swept by the Yanks. Cashman seems incapable of recognizing young, stud pitchers who can be an anchor for the rotation (Weaver,Halsey,Vasquez) and also of what veterans can still contribute (Brown,Unit,Wells), so while I am glad no trades have yet been made, and santana is as money as you can find, me thinks Mr. cashman had better get some advice on chosing which pitchers to build around….the most impotrant scouting is that of your own team

    • steve (different one)

      how was Wells a bad acquisition? either time?

  • Glen L

    The final choice has not always been cashman’s .. lets not throw him under the bus for everything

  • Beau

    True Glen. I actually do like Cashman. I think the Boss has always had alot to say about what he wants and usually gets it regardless of Cashman’s advice. That’s why I loved George though. He acted impulsively too often but that was a huge reason we get the blockbuster deals done.

  • Back Bay Yankeeq

    George King is a putz. “Pavano” is a nickname now, he doesn’t need another one. For example, “that habanero pepper lube company I invested in turned out to be a total Pavano.” or “November 15, 2001: Enron pulls a Pavano!”