Adding a whole new meaning to “Cowboy Up”

What If: Re-imagining the Yankee Dynasty
Where have you gone, Chuck Knoblauch?

Steve notes that Kevin Kennedy said that a colleague of his told Kennedy that he saw a member of the 2004 Red Sox shooting up with a needle full of performance-enhancing drugs. While that’s a lot of “he saids,” it’s also rather damning. Clearly, the Mitchell Report missed one, two or five hundred players.

What If: Re-imagining the Yankee Dynasty
Where have you gone, Chuck Knoblauch?
  • Jamie

    Gabe Kapler

    • Ben K.

      Admittedly, that was my initial thought too. But I’m not a big fan of throwing names out without having much to base that on.

  • Mike T

    WOW! Someone should IMMEDIATELY inform the Board of Directors of the Red Sox and Senator Mitchell. OOOPS! I have a problem with redundancy.

  • zack

    No more he said’s than the Mitchell Report itself.

    • steve (different one)


      what i am waiting to see is how little this story will be reported in the mainstream media.

  • E-ROC

    SHOCKING!! Or maybe not. Good job, Mitch, you b****!! Hey, that rhymes. Ok, I cannot get out of Turkey any sooner.

  • Mike N (Stamford, CT)

    It is impossible to find what you are not looking for.

    • Yankee Dave

      Allow me to correct: “It is impossible to find what you are intentionally avoiding.”

  • Rich

    As John Dowd said yesterday:

    “I think Congress is going to be much tougher,” Dowd said. “I think one thing Mitchell did accomplish is he exposed the tip of the iceberg here about how serious it is. I think he made a contribution there. I think he did the best he could based on some of the opposition, the lack of support.”

  • Spike

    I bet it was Ortiz, but I guarantee it wasn’t for steroids. I heard from a good source that Big Sloppy takes shots to ward off de-evolution back to ape status.

  • Realist

    This will be interesting to watch play out. I hope it is attacked with the same vigor that the nonsenseical mitchell report garnered.

  • Brian

    Watch it be Damon. Joke’s gotta be on us, right?


    Brian: If it was Damon his name would have been guaranteed to appear in the Red Sox Report

  • bostonsucks@life

    Everyone knows that main stream media will not cover this because the sox dicks are so far down their throats I can hear them chocking on them in philly.