Are the Yanks really done with the Twins this time?

It's the Mike Cameron edition of 'So Much For That'
We ♥ Phil Hughes

Via Ken Rosenthal:

Another source, however, says the Yankees no longer are talking to the Twins about Santana and simply chose to keep their outfield intact rather than sign Cameron. Hank Steinbrenner has been the Yankees’ executive most adamant about landing Santana, but he seemingly has backed off in his most recent public comments.

That’s the clearest indication we’ve gotten so far that the Yanks are truly finished with the Twins and Johan Santana. But who knows what anonymous sources know? As nothing has happened lately and, by all accounts, the Yankee package — which the Twins don’t like — is of the table, I’m inclined to believe this. Maybe the Big Three will be saved after all.

It's the Mike Cameron edition of 'So Much For That'
We ♥ Phil Hughes
  • dan

    Ben, why don’t you just call up the Tampa office and get Hank on the line. Explain how he should expand to the blogosphere for quote-dropping.

  • dan

    And while you’re at it, send him a box of Save the Big Three shirts for everyone to wear when pitchers and catchers report.

  • Brian

    You mean the Big Three isn’t Clemens, Pettitte, and Knoblauch? Wait, that’s Mitchell’s “Big Three.”

  • Travis G.

    i would be surprised if the Yanks ever publicly said they were out of it. not smart business wise. they should be trying to drive the price up for the Mets and Boston. and if that causes the trade to die for everyone, better chance he hits FA after 08.

  • E-ROC

    Thank you, GOD! Save the Big Three!

  • Rich

    The Yankees may not be talking to the Twins right now, but I think it’s almost a certainty that Bill Smith will call the Yankees before he pulls the trigger on any deal.

    My guess is that if, in the unlikely event, the Twins come off Hughes a trade could get done.

  • E-ROC

    A bit off topic, but I was hoping the Yanks would’ve signed Jamey Wright to a minor league deal as a bullpen option. Just a thought. Also, shouldn’t the Yanks sign Sean Barker and/or Ben Johnson to fill out the Scranton roster, maybe giving them an invite?

  • Rob

    Santana ain’t going anywhere – not now. No one wants to pay in prospects and dollars and Smith would rather contend with Santana than languish without. If I’m him, I’m hoping the team can have a big year and Poorwad will finally pony up some of his fat wallet. If we don’t contend through the All-Star break, I look to trade Santana in July. If we do contend through October, and Poorwad still won’t spend, I take the draft picks with everyone in town knowing who’s really at fault for Santana leaving.

  • Rob

    That’s the bit that folks underestimate with a Santana trade: As a new GM Smith, the risk with trading Santana is much greater than not trading him. That’s why i think he wants to be blown away by a deal. Otherwise, he’s giving up a great pitcher and if he gets burned by the return he’ll never live it down. By contrast, if he holds onto Santana too long, they can contend AND folks won’t know what he could have had. It’s impossible to refute a hypothetical but terrible prospects are punishment that keeps punishing. Sure the trade could turn out well for the Twins but that’s far from certain. Better to play it conservative than trade a star when the offers aren’t overwhelming.

  • JRVJ

    Might be me, but I take this Buster Olney line as a (big) put-down of Robo:

    “• The Yankees were never seriously engaged in talks to sign Cameron.”

    • steve (different one)

      i think he is probably right, if they were serious, they could have had him. he didn’t get a ton of money from the brewers.

  • snoop dogg resident

    if george will still unning this team then the deal would have been done by now. geoge was always for getting stars on the team even if it cost him a profit at years end.

    i miss him and i think his stepping down is going to hurt this tam in the long run because not only are dumn and dumber running the team, but they have also taken power away fom cashman. as much problems as i hve with cashman- it seems like the yanks are going back to a set-up where decisions are made by all different people throughout the organization — too many cooks spoil the ball club

  • snoop dogg resident

    this does still break my heart – i really wanted johan throwing the fist pitch in the old yankeee stadium and the fist pith of the new stadium

    for what everyone has to say about giving to much – this is a guy who changes the balance of power in the AL and make the
    yanks the best team in baseball. if the yanks wont deal fir a pitcher entering his prime wit 2 cy youngs and a very low injuy risk (doesnt rely on breaking balls whih add stress to the arm) then will they ever ever make a blockbuster deal?

    this deal makes so much sense on so many levels and the only negative to it is that hughes MAY turn out to be great – he may also wind up being average, or anothe todd van poppel

    • Jerry

      Can you guarantee that Santana will continue to be great? He may seem like a low injury risk but with pitchers you never know, anything can happen. If Hughes busts, we move on and it really isn’t a big deal finacial wise. If Santana busts, we not only gave up the prospects but then have another albatross of a contract on the payroll for 5-7 years.

  • Adrian-Retire21

    Are you telling me Santana is gonna be horrile for 7 straight years.Thats like saying he has the history of Carl Pavano.Santana will get injuried but give you 4 to 5 hall of fame years.

  • nick blasioli

    did you ever wonder why all the fans are suddenly worried about the yankees financial woes…as if there are any…all im going to say is the yankees have not improved their team al all this off season…thats what you have to do every year……improve….i was for the santana deal all along…so we will see how this season plays out…..

    • Ben K.

      The Yankees on Opening Day 2008 will be better than the Yankees on Opening Day 2007. That’s improvement. There’s a post in this, but everyone forgets that when the season ends, the Yanks were on a tear and the Red Sox were looking very vulnerable. The Sox overcame a 3-1 deficit against the Indians and beat a pathetic Rockies team. They’re not as good as everyone keeps insisting they are, and the Yanks aren’t as bad as the team’s own doubters think they are. Since when did Yankee fans become so pessimistic?

      • Rich

        Yup, I think that but for the swarm the Yankees would have beaten Cleveland, and then the Sox in ALCS.

  • Rob

    Here, here, Ben.

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