At least one New York sports team can win in the playoffs

The Onion nails this whole steroid bit
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When it comes to sports, baseball is my game. Now and then, I’ll watch the Knicks give a pretty pitiful 48-minute attempt at playing basketball, and on Sundays, I’ll usually kick back with a Giants game on. But nothing tops my love and knowledge of baseball.

I can’t sit here and analyze tonight’s Giants game like I could for any Yankee game. I can’t reel off Giants trivia like I can for the Yankees. And I don’t feel a particular love-and-death sort of relationship with Big Blue as I do with the Yankee. I can stomach a Giants loss and move on with my Sunday. But when the Yankees lose, well, the world ends. Clearly.

But tonight’s game was one for the ages. Playing with in Dallas with a beat-up defense and a depleted secondary, the Giants managed to stop the Cowboys and return to the NFC Championship game for the first time since 2000. The only thing standing between the Giants and a coveted trip to the Super Bowl are the Green Bay Packers.

It certainly won’t be easy for the Giants to stop the Packers, but they could do it. The Giants have reeled off nine straight road wins right now, and as John Mara said, no one even expected them to make the playoffs this year, let alone win their first two games.

The Giants have already lost the Packers once this year, but then again, they had already lost to the Cowboys twice. Maybe Eli, the only Manning left in the playoffs, can step further out of his brother’s shadow and delivery the Giants to the Super Bowl. But win or lose, it’s been a great run, and I was genuinely nervous and excited as the clock wound down on that last-gasp fourth-quarter Cowboys drive. And in the end, it is comforting to see a New York sports team make and win in the playoffs this year. Here’s to hoping the Yanks pick up that mantle in October.

The Onion nails this whole steroid bit
Cuban baseball doc shows defectors
  • Jersey

    Go Blue!

  • Joseph C.

    Woot! Come on fellas, keep on proving everyone wrong!

  • Adrian-Retire21

    Yep one team can win in the playoffs.But one team has one a championship in the last ten years… not the giants.

    31-21 Packers.

  • Travis G.

    great game! whatever happens sunday, great season.

  • Jamal G.

    Who woulda ever thought that the Football Giants would have more recent postseason success than the Yankees in an era where Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera are still major contributors.

    Go G-Men!!!

  • Jeff

    My sentiments exactly… very good game.
    Go Blue… go Chargers.

  • Rich

    It should be noted that the Giants are doing this as the third youngest team in the league. All of their 8 2007 draft picks made the roster.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    The Gints have performed beyond my wildest fantasies this playoff season. Even if they fall to Green Bay, I’m satisfied.

  • Bart

    Look at this Dallas headline — for a view of the Cowboy fans/writers

    Title hopes wasting away — again — in Loserville
    Star-Telegram Staff Writer

  • mg

    If you’d told me a month into the season we’d be here now, I’d have laughed at you. Now I have visions of a Patriot upset starting to dance in my head. Here’s to hoping we can best Green Bay and make it to the big show. Go Big Blue.

  • Greg

    I remember having a VERY heated conversation with a friend of a friend at a party just before the first preseason game this season about how the GIANTS were going to be a contender this year and that we we’re going to have to be able to beat Dallas (he was a Dallas fan). After losing both regular season games to Dallas I was starting to feel down and didn’t want to talk to this guy again, ;) but we beat them when it counted and I’ve got a few words for him now! GOOOOO GIANTS!!!!!!

  • GoTerpsGo

    Like the poster, I don’t live and die by Big Blue, but I still have the foul taste of the last Super Bowl loss in my mouth. It’s especially bad since I live near Bawlmer and people still wear SB shirts and stuff. GO BIG BLUE!!! (And Go Yanks!)