BA’s Top Ten Yanks prospects hits the Internets

Understanding the Twins' side of the Hughes-Ellsbury debate
Rudy's New England baseball blunder, Part II

While Mike gave us the Baseball America top ten list of Yankees prospects two weeks ago, BA finally got around to posting it online. Most of the content – including scouting reports for all of the prospects – is behind the BA subscription wall, but you can check out the team’s best tools (Edwar’s change-up, Kennedy’s control, and Joba’s everything) and the idealized 2011 lineup of internal options and current Yankees. If Derek Jeter is still the Yanks’ starting short stop in 2011, something is wrong.

Understanding the Twins' side of the Hughes-Ellsbury debate
Rudy's New England baseball blunder, Part II
  • Malcard89

    A few new things that i learned from this:

    1. From the projected 2011 lineup, it seems that Romine is definitely the better catcher prospect than Cervelli.

    2. They dont think Montero will be able to stick at catcher.

    3. They think Chamberlain will be better than Hughes.

    4. Judging from the outfield projection, they believe Gardner has more value than Melky, because he’s not present on that list at all.

    One thing confuses me though. Does Joba Chamberlain really have the best curveball in the organization? With the departure of Hughes, i would’ve thought it was Christian Garcia or Andrew Brackman. How good is Joba’s curveball on the 80 scale? Is that what he’s going to make his third pitch when he becomes a starter?

    • steve

      and for all the love brackman and betances have gotten they are nowhere to be seen

      • steve (different one)

        both Brackman and Betances both have extremely high ceilings, but they both have long odds on reaching those ceilings (for different reasons).

        depending on methodology, it is not surprising at all to not see them in a top 10 prospect list.

        they are extremely high risk, but extremely high reward prospects. it is great to have some of those guys in your system. and as long as you are realistic about their chances of panning out, i don’t see why they don’t deserve “the love”.

        • steve

          I understand what you mean fellow steve, I just wasn’t specific I mean in the 2011 projected starting rotation. I mean they have montero in the line up so I assumed they were going to be. no biggie.

          • steve

            i don’t think i said i mean enough … heh. sorry for the terrible english i’m trying to keep up while at work

          • steve (different one)

            my bad, i didn’t realize you meant the projected 2011 lineup (which is kindof a silly exercise anyway)

      • Stu

        Brackman is ranked #10, so he is seen. Romine is the better bet to stick at catcher, that’s why Montero’s at 1b, because he deserves to be in the lineup somewhere, and if you didn’t make any other changes, Romine would be #1 at catcher while Montero would be #1 at first.

  • Miles Roche

    Thanks, Ben,
    (and thanks for ripping me in your previous post…)

    • Ben K.

      Aw, I wasn’t ripping you, Miles. Just wanted to direct everyone’s attention to that last post. But, as you can see, I appreciated your point, and I’m sorry if I came across as brusque.

  • Miles Roche

    Alright, we’re all good.

  • Tripp

    Bob Abreu as the 2011 DH. I hope we can find someone better than that in the next 3 years.

    • Travis

      Tripp, that was my first reaction. Bobby at DH in 2011? No thanks.

      • DeepThroat

        hahahah, seriously, I mean come on…does anyone expect Bobby Abreu to be wearing pinstripes in 4 years??? He’s lucky we picked up his option this year!

        Good guy, dont get me wrong, but he’s on the wrong side of 30 and slowing sinking into the abyss.

        Despite the slight credibility hit, still liked the site.

  • Achilles17

    You say the scouting reports for prospects 2-10 require a subscription…can you see the scouting report for Joba then for free? If so, can anyone provide a link, I can’t seem to find it…

    • Ben K.

      My bad. All of the scouting reports are behind the subscription wall.

  • Realist

    Didn’t CJ Henry resign with the NYY this past fall?

    Also , Jeter at SS in 2011 is almost as ridiculous as Abreau(sp?) at DH. Either way the Yank’s are f#cked.

  • Lanny

    Whats wrong with a 35 yr old Bobby A DH’ing in 3 years?

    Hes a great athlete and his eye at the plate gets better each year. And hes proven he can play in NY.

    • Realist

      Bobby A. is a fine player but I don’t see him to being the perfered DH in 2011. Though I could live with it more than Derek I can’t go left) Jeter at SS.

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