Bedard headed to Seattle

The Bernie saga continues
It's the Return of the Son of Johan Santana!

Life in the AL East just got a little easier. The O’s shipped the best pitcher in the division to Seattle for a package centered around uber-prospect Adam Jones. No word yet on the other pieces headed to Baltimore, but previous rumors suggest it could a few prospects like Chris Tillman (probably), Carlos Triunfel and Jeff Clement (both doubtful), and/or reliever George Sherrill (likely). I dunno about you, but Bedard-Felix in a short series scares me more than Beckett-DiceK or Sabathia-Fausto.

(hat tip to MLBTR)

The Bernie saga continues
It's the Return of the Son of Johan Santana!
  • Travis G.

    yeah, that’s a helluva top 2. but it’s hard to imagine baltimore’s pitching actually getting worse, but it did.

  • EJ

    Doesn’t worry me too much, as I can’t see Seattle overtaking Anaheim without really any offense.

  • mike

    i agree with ej…it’s good for the angels to get a little competition though

  • Zack

    Easily the best top 2 in the majors IF the King continues to improve. Even with Seattle’s offense still not cutting it, that rotation can win them 90 games, no? The AL just keeps getting more and more loaded compared to the NL. Glad to have Bedard out of the East…

    • RollignWave

      You might wanna check out the 03 Dodger’s record or last year’s Blue Jay’s record and see how many runs they gave up. espically the 03 Dodger. just think for a sec if you think the M’s next year will out pitch (or out hit) them.

      I will eat my shoe if the M’s win 90 games barring some sort of a miracle . (then again, the miracle happened in 2001.)

  • Colin

    Yeah, but thats more competition for the Wild Card if we don’t take first. Maybe if the M’s had Bedard last season (and had he not gotten injured) they wouldnt have collapsed and the race for the WC would have been a lot tighter.

    • RZG

      I think it makes the wildcard easier for the team in the East that doesn’t finish first because the 2nd place team will have it even easier against the O’s without needing to face Bedard as often.

  • RollignWave

    Seriously, unless the M’s have a plan ( if they did for the last few years they’re doing a realllly good job of hiding it ) they won’t be serious contenders.

    How would they be a serious contender? only 1 way IMHO.


    it’s the only way they could concievablly pull out a good enough offense to seriously compete next year.

  • Bo

    Who needs offense when you got Felix and Bedard and probably the best closer in the league?

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Weren’t we fighting the Mariners for WC until they unceremoniously crapped the bed? I’m not sure this is so terrific

  • Barry C

    How do you trade arguably the best pitcher in the AL East and not get back some known quantity of a sure thing. Adam Jones is not a “can’t miss” elite prospect, and should definatley not be the key player your banking on in return for an ACE SP.

    • Glen L

      Scouts seem to think Adam Jones is basically a can’t miss prospect

  • Jeff

    I think the Mariners are definately looking stronger… I would think they could win the West and the WC will definately be a battle. Six very strong AL teams four spots… Angels, Mariners, Tigers, Indians, Red Sox, Yanks.

  • Smitty

    Wouldn’t the Yanks be able to put together a better package for this guy than that? I see Bedard as being a better fit in NY anyway than Santana. Trade IPK, Melky, and AJax for Bedard. Put Gardener in CF and plug Bedard at the top of your rotation. He’s not going to as for a $150 mill 7 year extension like someone else we all know.

    • steve (different one)

      there is no way the Orioles would trade him within the division.

      so yes, the yankees could have put together a better package. but they can’t force the Orioles to trade with them.

      • KAnst

        I dont know if the Yanks could have put together a better package. Adam Jones is a better hitter then any of our hitters and is a comparable prospect with Phil Hughes.

  • Glen L

    Gardner is a 5th (maybe 4th) OF at the major league level. Neither IPK nor A-Jax is a good a prospect as Adam Jones

    If i was the orioles, I would have taken the m’s offer over IPK, Melky, and a-jax for sure