Bob Sheppard is alive and well


When the Yankees’ season unceremoniously ended at the hands of the Cleveland Indians in October, Bob Sheppard was out with a long bout of laryngitis. Until today, we hadn’t heard anything about Bob, and I had just assumed he had gotten better. If he had gotten worse, the news would be out there. In a weekend mailbag, Peter Abraham confirms that assumption: According to Yanks’ Media Director Jason Zillo, “Mr. Sheppard is feeling much better and is scheduled to resume his position behind the mic for Opening Day.” Phew.

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  • Mike T

    I can’t (don’t want to) even imagine Yankee games without King Bob. Very happy he is OK!!!

  • alex

    age 97…..bob…sheppard….announcer…..age 97!

  • mike

    thank goodness. i’ve been worried about him!

  • Ben

    yeah thank god! if he can complete this year, i will be satisfied forever. Not to be synical, but after this year, 100+ years of history and tradition comes crashing down anyway, so if this was it for him I am lucky to have grown up hearing him.

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  • http://www.chicagocubscards.com Chicago Cubs

    100 Years is long enough to wait, this is the Cubs year!