Canseco “certainly doesn’t have what he claims to have on A-Rod”


Quick note from the Daily News. Apparently, Jose Canseco handed over some of his material for his new book, Vindicated, to former Sports Illustrated associate editor Don Yeager, who was supposed to work on the book with him. After reviewing what Canseco has, though, Yeager passed, saying: “There’s no meat on the bones.” Specifically, he said that Canseco doesn’t have enough on A-Rod to make the case he’s been blabbing about.

Hat tip to My Baseball Bias.

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  • E-ROC

    Jose Canseco is struggling with life after baseball. Why can’t he just go away? Go on another reality show or something. Better yet, go in front of Congress.

  • Jeff

    Canseco is a bitch – plain and simple.

  • Barry

    I honestly can’t see A-Rod being a user.

  • Rich

    If Canseco had credible stuff on A-Rod, there is no way that he wouldn’t have put it in his first book.

    • Steve S


      Its clear he was just going to speculate as to Arod’s body type and performance, that in Jose’s expert opinion he was using.

      I just like how he can say he is “vindicated”, he also said that when he was “shut out of baseball”, he ran a “4.2 40″. Its good that everyone is taking the lead from the guy who starred in the “surreal life”.

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