Clemens sues McNamee

Inside Major League Baseball's alcohol problem
Yanks have yet to give promised stadium money to the community

I really, really, really don’t want to write about this, so I’ll just lay it out there. Roger Clemens is suing Brian McNamee for defamation, stemming from McNamee’s testimony to the Mitchell investigation. Wake me when this is over.

Update by Ben: A copy of the suit is available here as a PDF for those interested. One of us will take a look through it later in a post.

Inside Major League Baseball's alcohol problem
Yanks have yet to give promised stadium money to the community
  • Steve S

    I have one question that no one has asked. Why did the federal authorities give McNamee immunity or whatever. Its not as if they are charging other people based on his testimony. I have never heard of someone getting leniency based on their cooperation with a private investigation. Its almost as if these guys knew they couldnt prosecute so they facilitated the next best thing.

  • Bo

    Every sportswriter and radio person wanted him to sue if he was innocent. Now he has. I wonder how they spin this now that he has done it.

  • Ben K.

    I think my favorite aspect of this coverage are the people saying that Clemens “waited too long.” It’s not like his lawyers could write and file a complaint over night.

  • Rich

    We’ll know more about the direction of the lawsuit after Clemens goes before Congress.

    My personal opinion is that the suit will be dropped before it goes to trial.

  • Steve S

    if the stuff on page 10-11 regarding McNamee’s comments are true or even not denied by McNamee, then there a lot of people in the media who are going to being eating crow on this one.

  • mooks

    Clemens better be ready for the media backlash.

    George Mitchell is very very popular and well liked by alot of reporters and members of the sports media.

    An attack on McNamee, is an attack on the report, which alot of reporters are taking as a personal attack on Mitchell, whom they view in very high regard.

    If Clemens wins his case, it will discredit the Mitchell report, which will (in the media’s eyes ) be an attack on the integrity of the former senate majority leader, something that will rile them up and piss them off.

    • TurnTwo

      and if that was something he was worried about happening, he shouldve done a little more background and research before putting something like this in the report, if it turns out not to be true.

  • barry

    they could of edited McNamee’s address out of the document, now the whole world knows he lives at 88 Delaware Ave.

  • Bo

    Backlash? What more can Clemens get??

    Hes doing all the right things to prove his innocence. hes not running and hiding.

    hes suing and going before Congress. If that doesnt clear his name nothing will and those people that dont believe him obviously have it in for him

  • bkight

    Clemens made some pretty strong points concerning McNamee’s about face. I think the unsolicited article by McNamee in 2000 is very interesting. Every expert said there was no way Roger would sue, but unless he has some video or receipts, it will be hard for McNamee to establish he is telling the truth.

  • bkight

    Here is a quote from the NY Times article by McNamee in 2000.

    “But their superiority is not because of steroid use, but because of the advancement in sports-specific science and commitment of the organizations to strength, conditioning and nutrition. To suggest otherwise is irresponsible and disrespectful.”

  • Jeb

    I don’t know why Mitchell is so respected…after all he wrote an opinion with a horrible conflict of interest. Personally, I don’t respect that.