Conflicting reports of final demands emerge

A Johan Santana post-mortem
Cashman playing an intense game of chess

Another reason why we’ll never be totally sure what happened with Santana and why we can’t always put 100 percent stock into the reports from anonymous sources emerged today. Adam Rubin and Bill Madden in the Daily News say that the Twins wanted Ian Kennedy and Chien-Ming Wang. Bob Klapisch reports that the Twins asked for Melky Cabrera, Ian Kennedy and others. Either way, it seems that the Yanks’ desire to complete the deal under the terms set forth by Minnesota had waned a long time ago. Maybe.

A Johan Santana post-mortem
Cashman playing an intense game of chess
  • Shdwrptr

    I hope that was never true. I would have done that Kennedy, Melky, Prospect deal in .000005 seconds flat.

    • usty

      You have the first link wrong….it says Chien-Ming Wang and Ian Kennedy.

      • usty

        jeez, i’m on a roll today. That was in response to the post, not Shdwrptr. My bad.

        • Ben K.

          I gotcha, man. No worries. I also had spelled Chien-Ming’s name wrong. It’s all fixed now.

  • Bo

    The Yanks obviously think Kennedy is a legit 2-3 starter and they think Melky is way too solid especially if they have to replace him with Corey Patterson. Makes sense especially when you have to pay Santana 150 mill.

    Now lets hope the Yanks scouts are right on.

    Great job by the twins. Turning down Hughes is going to really bite them in the tush.

    Liriano-Hughes-Bonser not a bad 3 some for the next decade

    I got a feeling we’ll never see Guerra in the bigs and Mulvey and Humber will be nice long relievers.

  • Bo

    Someone really complained about spelling Wangs name wrong???

    Thats funny.

  • Jason R.

    IPK and Wang? Did Cashman even respond, or could he even respond with a straight face? puh-lease.

    I hope these kids are given a chance to blossom as the pressure’s been ramped up and they haven’t even reported yet. I’m hopeful Girardi and Eiland can coax them along at the right paces of each of them. I hope we, the fans, give them a chance. I don’t want to read in early May any of the “aw we shoulda done the Johan deal!” crap.

    keep up the good work, RAB gang.

  • SS

    But if it was IPK, Melky, and Horne, I’d make that trade in a heartbeat – Santana’s a left-handed Cy-Young winner, and a certifiable ace. IPK, Melky, and Horne might, might end up being all-stars (though it’s a big if), but Santana’s the best pitcher this decade. It’s not as if you’re gutting the farm system here, the system will still be well-stocked, and you’re getting the best pitcher of the decade for 20 cents on the dollar.

  • Mike44

    If Santana for Kennedy/Melky/Top Prospect (Marquez?) are true, I would be the first to print the “Screw the Big 3” T-Shirts

  • raymagnetic ™

    As I wrote on Pete’s blog, if it’s true that the Twins wanted Kennedy and Wang then that GM from the Twins is really ridiculous and outrageous. Who knows what the truth is.

    Something tells me that in year three of the megadeal the Mets aren’t going to be real happy paying Santana that 25 mil. Meanwhile Phil Hughes will be striking out Ellsbury for years to come. Good Times!

    By the way, I love the preview feature on your blog.

  • zack

    Its funny, the Wang-Kennedy deal is about what people were initially tossing around way back when and I still don’t see it being terrible. Maybe not Kennedy, but Wang-Melky-Marquez I would do. The second package is definitely a yes, but even itf is not true, its really looking like the $ factor played in a lot…

  • Jamal G

    I’m not saying I don’t believe the IPK/Melky centered package was requested by the Twins but the proposed deals made in some of the comments here are just hard to believe. I think it was more along the lines of a Tabata, Jackson, Horne, and maybe even Dellin Betances type combo of players to go along with the center pieces of IPK/Melky.

    Like I said early this morning, after reading the point made by RAB about Bill Smith NOT overplaying his hand and really giving it some thought I’m now more in the camp of there offers reported were exaggerated and the Twins never really had anything that great to begin with.

  • Brian

    Exactly right, Zack. I’m kind of surprised, especially if what Klapisch reports is true; all I can think is that a) the money, like you said, once really examined looked like a raw deal, and b) the timeline. Three months ago Melky was more expendable. Now, he’s our centerfielder two weeks before Spring Training. Damon and Matsui have their health-based question marks, and Gardner may not be ready to contribute. That’s a pretty good piece of the outfield that’s up in the air.

    Nah, it’s the money. If it really could have been done for IPK, Melky, and Marquez or someone, we’re talking about a Santana, Wang, Pettitte, Chamberlain, Hughes (Mussina) rotation. And we said no? Then it is money.

  • Brian

    Let’s remember the signing of a guy named A-Rod….I’m not saying we’re cheap.

  • nick blasioli

    screw it all..the yankees blew it on this deal…to get santana for as little as they were asked…they should have made the deal…remember this blog next oct. when the yanks are home watching the playoffs…im still a very avid yankee fan..but a little disappointed…

    • steve (different one)

      right, because we know exactly what they were asked for.

      or did you not read the headline of this thread?

  • MS

    Kennedy and Wang–no way, but Kennedy, Melky and another prospect—that needs to get done—I hope that isn’t true. I don’t want to hear about the $150 million because as fans we don’t care about that. I like to jkeep our prospects, but Santana, Wang, Petitte, Hughes, and Chamberlain is an unbelievable rotation.

    Unfortunately it makes sense because it sounds like Santana forced the Twins into a corner to make the deal by the end of the day. So they were forced to take the Mets awful deal. I don’t understand why the Yanks feel that there only goal is to keep Santana off the Sox roster. The Sox don’t need him, so that should be their goal, but we could use him. Last year Wang was inconsistent, Petitte is getting old and our three young guys still need to prove themselves, plus they will have inning limits. I’m apparently one o the few disappointed Yankee fans over not getting Santana.

  • Bo

    How does anyone know who the Twins asked for?

    Because the Met package stinks doesnt mean the Twins dont think its the cats meow.

  • Realist

    I am tired of all these “rumored” deals that they Yanks were supposedly offered. Who knows whats true and this whole saga has hopefully come to a merciful end?

    Are The Twins and Smith floating these to take some of the heat off the garbage Met’s trade? Or possibly leaving open an avenue if the Met deal falls through regarding Santana’s extension?

    Who knows and really who cares if he goes to The Mets any rumored deals that didn’t get done are irrelevant……..on with spring training!

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

    I proposed a Wang, Kennedy ,Duncan deal last fall, if Cashman turned that down, he should be fired on the spot. I think we have already seen the best of Wang, a year from now he won’t be worth anything near as good. Remember what Branch Rickey
    once said, “it’s better to trade a player a year to soon than a year to late”. Kennedy would have been a sacrifice but no one is trading Santana for Wang straight up. Duncan, nice kid but a throw in.

    I thought when Torre returned in 2007, his fate was tied to Cashman. If one failed, then they both failed, and both should have been let go.

    Somehow Cashman is still around, and the more I see the less I like.

    It breaks my heart to think of a top 4 rotation that includes, Joba, Petitte, Hughes and Santana.

  • Tony D.

    11 5 3.97 1 3 0 0 34 35 15 10 32

    Santana Post Season numbers.

    Good riddence. He’ll probably dominate in the ever increasingly inferior National/Minor League.

    The Yankees need a guy who can go out there and throw 6 scorless innings in the Post Season – kinda like Hughes did.