Game Thread: NFC Championship Game


There’s a reason why no one plays baseball in January. About 30 minutes before kickoff, the temperatures in Green Bay are holding at zero with a windchill of -18. But that won’t stop the Giants and Packers from playing football.

A month ago, no one in New York would believe Eli Manning capable of leading the Giants beyond the first round of the playoffs, let alone to within four good quarters of the Super Bowl. But that’s where they are.

The Patriots won with their typical ruthless efficiency coming out in the fourth quarter today. So Big Blue could end up in a Week 17 rematch. Either way, Joe Buck — remember him? — will bring you the game. Feel free to discuss it here.

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  1. Manimal says:

    Im so ready for this game.

    so is my dog lmao

  2. Mike A. says:

    Beat me to it Ben.

    Part of me hopes Favre and the Pack win the Super Bowl, just so he can finally retire already.

  3. zack says:

    Man I would have really liked a SD-NY Superbowl, actually give me a reason to watch the game and get to see San Diego all pumped up for the game. Instead, it will probably be a Packers-Pats SB and I will be forced simply to root against the Pats yet again in another most likely boring game.

    At least the chargers look to be sitting pretty next season

  4. Mike A. says:

    I don’t know what Joe Buck is talking about. It looks like it’s 40 degrees out there, at worst.

  5. SMinDC says:

    All you need to know about how f*cking cold it is…Jimmy Johnson poured a glass of water at the start of the pregame & it was frozen 10 minutes before kickoff.

  6. Ben K. says:

    I forgot how much I missed Frank Caliendo and Joe Buck. Good times.

  7. Manimal says:

    WTF, we are outplaying them but we are losing 7-6/

  8. Mike A. says:

    The Giants’ secondary plays D like Brian Bruney throws strikes.

  9. Mike R. says:

    This will go down in history as the “Stupid Penalty Bowl”. I think the cold weather has frozen the part of the brain responsible for self control.

  10. Mike A. says:

    Those chicks in the bikini tops were pretty damn hot. Not literally of course, figuratively.

  11. ansky says:

    its a catch. inbounds.

    gimme gimme

  12. ansky says:

    Take the lead back Bradshaw!!!

  13. Mike R. says:

    You can’t blame Tynes for that one. That ball must feel like a rock.

  14. zack says:

    The Giants have been so much more the better team today, but you just feel like they can’t win it. Eli has been doing his best…

  15. Mike A. says:

    Shades of Doug Brien.

    • zack says:

      Tynes finally makes the kick, something Brien never could.

      Lets go Gints! Since both the Jets and Chargers are out, the Giants are my 3rd team, I’ll root for them

      Gotta believe Eli’s legacy is starting here. Don’t think they’ll win the SB, but man, he’s been a totally different QB in the last 5 weeks

  16. Mike A. says:

    I just want Tom Brady to lose. I don’t want to be sentenced to listening how great the Pats are for the next 9 month.

    • zack says:

      Oh don’t worry. All you have to do is turn to espn.com (no surprise really) to see the article that claims, I sh!t you not, that this Pats* team is the greatest team OF ALL TIME. In any sport. Try hearing that for the entire year and not force your head through a wall…

  17. Manimal says:

    Of all people, Yankees fans should know that performance in the playoffs is what matters and Eli Manning has definitely performed well this playoffs.

  18. Yankee Fan in Chicago says:

    Was it me, or was the entire ref crew wearing Bret Favre underoos under their stripes? Sheesh, even my Bear fan friends and inlaws with whom I watched the game, and most of whom were rooting for the Pack for some reason, were amazed.

  19. Clemson Rob says:

    As much as we hate to say it, it’s New York vs. Boston once again. So even if you’re a Jets fan out there, you have to root against them. I’m sure a lot of people are against Tom “I knock up hot supermodels” Brady and Bill “I’m a smug douche” Bellichick. Go Giants! and Go Yankees! only a few more weeks til pitchers and catchers!

  20. kunaldo says:

    boston blows…eli would have had a monster game if the refs werent paid by the packers

  21. nick blasioli says:

    joe buck is very national league….i know that he hates the yankees and the american league…his ties are with the st louis cards….its very obvious ..well if you can listen to joe and time mc carver long enough..it will make you turn your volume way down…all tim can cry about is the short porch in yankee stadium…thank god for mr. sterling…..

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