Get your very own Hall of Fame Induction Plaque

Cameo at Pending Pinstripes
With Yanks out of race, Santana lands in Queens

Whitey Ford – winner of the “He’s still alive?” Award – is getting ready to auction the farm. Over two days in July during the All Star Game festivities, Ford’s personal collection of baseball memorabilia will be auctioned off at the Javits Center. So if you want Whitey Ford’s Hall of Fame Induction Plaque, you know where to find it. Said Ford of his collection, “When your house starts getting full and your kids don’t have a place to sleep, it’s time to get rid of stuff.”

Cameo at Pending Pinstripes
With Yanks out of race, Santana lands in Queens
  • Mark McGwire

    Here’s my chance!

  • JRVJ

    No idea how much Whitey Ford made, but surely he’s no zillionaire.

    All the more power to him and his family if he can make out and enjoy his waning years in all sorts of comfort (and I’m pretty sure he’s keeping SOME stuff).

  • zack

    Hey, Whitey looks great for his age, and besides, he’s younger then Yogi! He just keeps to himself a lot more…This year will be his 80th birthday however…

  • Donnie Baseball IS # 23

    “Whitey Ford – winner of the β€œHe’s still alive?” Award”

    That was low class fellows. Low class.

    • Ben K.

      How exactly is that low class? It’s always a bit of a surprise to me that Ford’s still alive because he keeps a very low profile. He shows up for Old Timers’ Day and that’s about it. He isn’t constantly around the team like Yogi is and the Scooter was.

  • NYFan50

    I know you frown on comments that have nothing to do with the post, but Santana to the Mets is something I’m sure you can give me a pass on…

    • Ben K.

      We already have it up. Look at the next post.

  • eric from morrisania

    The first thing that popped into my mind was Homer Simpson buying MC Hammer’s old mansion from bankruptcy court and changing the “HammerTime” on the front gate to “HomerTime”…