Hank takes the Torre route in Clemens statement


Sounding a lot like Joe Torre did last week, Hank Steinbrenner issued his own half-hearted views on Roger Clemens. “I thought the media commentary after the press conference was over was a little harsh,” Steinbrenner said on Monday night. “Too much rush to judgment in this country. As far as whether he’s telling the truth or not, I have no clue. But I’m not going to say, well, he’s lying, like everybody on TV did after he was done.” Steinbrenner also noted that PED use in baseball went far beyond the limited New York-centric scope of Mitchell Report. No big surprises here.

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  • E-ROC

    I’m surprise Hank didn’t go on a rant about how the Mitchell Report was essentially all about the Yanks. You would think a “mouthpiece” like him would say something about that with some harsh comments.

  • Steve S

    Ben, I think his comments were a little stronger than Torre’s. Unlike Torre its not a no comment, as Torre would have actually knowledge. Hank would have no clue what Clemens was doing. Hank has had the only rational reaction to this, at least in the public scope (except for Mike & Mike).