Hey, Coney, why don’t you have a job?

Our long national nightmare is over
When Bernie Williams nearly left New York

David Cone, star of the best Yankee commercial ever, is back with the organization. According to Joel Sherman, Cone will join the YES Network, filling one of the two Yankee broadcast vacancies. Cone will serve as an in-game analyst and host of “Yankees on Deck.”

Our long national nightmare is over
When Bernie Williams nearly left New York
  • Realist

    Hee hee! I loved that commercial!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great to see that “Coney” is part of the team :-)

  • zack

    I always thought Cone would be a good guy to have around, even someone who might make a good pitching coach. I fully expect him to add to what is already a pretty darn strong broadcast team at YES (save for Kay, who just needs to tone it down)

  • http://footballstu.blogs.sportsline.com/ Stu

    That’s a great commercial, but it’s only the second best Yankees/David Cone commercial ever! Unfortunately, I can’t find the best one… It’s the one where Stottlemyre tells Cone he has to rest his arm, and one of the Ansky guys follows him around doing everything for him. That was the year Cone went on the DL because his MIL’s dog bit his hand. It’s my favorite commercial of all time.

    Here’s a link including basically all of the other great Yankee commercials, except for that one…


  • Alan

    Ahahaha. Reading that headline took me back. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  • NYFan50

    Big Cone fan. One of the two autographed baseballs I’ve got. The other is Hughes…hope his career also ends near 3k strikeouts. :)

  • Stephen

    Cone may have the lead role in the commercial, but everyone knows that Sojo is the real star of the show.

    • jsbrendog

      dude, definitely.

  • Lanny

    Cone is as smart and personable as they come. He’ll be great on YES

  • http://www.thebronxzoo.wordpress.com iYankees

    hahahaha “it’s the el duque”… o man.

  • mg

    I loved Cone. Last really great free agent signing we made. Perfect time for the perfect amount of time.

    • dan

      Idk about that one– Steve Karsay was a STEAL.

    • zack

      Besides which, Cone was traded for…

  • Jeff

    He’s taking on the Role Justic used to do – right?
    … He’ll be a thousand times better than Justic who just plain sucked.

  • dan

    So I guess it’s a slow news day in the baseball (or at least yankee) world