I spent $218.3 million, and all I got was this t-shirt

Horne speaks; Yankee fans listen
Mike Ashmore's Thunder Thoughts

The Yankees have broken their own record. In 2007, they spent $218.3 million on their payroll, shattering the 2006 mark of $207.5 million. We can thank Roger Clemens for that one. Meanwhile, the Red Sox came in a far second at $155.4 million. Boston outspent the next closest team by nearly $30 million, and no team has ever spent as much as the Red Sox did to win a World Series. If you tell a Red Sox fan they bought the trophy, that fan’s head will explode.

Horne speaks; Yankee fans listen
Mike Ashmore's Thunder Thoughts
  • Adrian-Retire21

    Yes the Red Sox are what they hate.They are now the big budget team beating the small market team in the world series.

  • zzzzz

    how much did the yanks spend when they won in 98,99,00?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      63 million (2nd), 88 million (1st), 92 (1st)

  • stylez

    Bigger glaring problem is how much they’re spending to lose. I’d love nothing more to argue against red sox nation for they’re contradictory responses to our method of spending and winning, but at least they’ve spent the money and have something to show for it (2 championships in 4 years

  • GoYankees

    I can’t help but ask, is the title a movie reference?
    Say like…”The Game” (starring Michael Douglas)?

  • Whitey14

    Don’t worry, Red Sox fans understand that our favorite team is spending more money than we’d like to to win, but please remember there is a lot of home grown talent on the Sox roster, as well as players they traded for who now make large salaries. Papelbon, Lester, Youkilis, Pedroia are all home grwon and key contributors. Schilling, Beckett, Lowell, Varitek and Crisp all arrived via trade. Ortiz and Wakefield were picked up off the scrap heap. The Free Agents include Ramirez, Drew, Lugo, Matsuzaka and Mirabelli. I have no problem with teams spending money if they have it, but I’m also a big proponent of a Salary Cap and a Salary Floor to keep things in better alignment. You must understand also that most Sox fans laugh at a lot of the yanks recent free agent signings as you probably do yourselves. Carl Pavano (whom Epstein effectively bid up for Cashman), Jaret Wright, Johnny Damon, Mike Mussina, Roger Clemens to name a few. Trying to buy a championship and failing is worse than increasing your budget to add the pieces you need to secure one, or in the case of the Red Sox, two. When they didn’t make the playoffs in 06, plenty of Sox fans were pissed about spending all that money and not getting anything for it.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Let’s be honest, Whitey. You do raise a lot of good points, but Carl Pavano is not one of them. In fact, your Carl Pavano outlook is complete revisionist history. The Red Sox wanted him as did the Tigers, Mariners and Orioles. That deal looks bad in hindsight because he hasn’t produced, but at the time, everyone marked that as a win for the Yankees.

      Take a look at the Yanks too. Most of their top contributors are home grown as well. The Yanks and the Red Sox profile about as well as each other, and the Yanks actually now have more home grown players than the Sox do.

  • Rob

    Of course not included is the $51.11 million to sign a league average starter.

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