Phil Franchise hits the Internets

An off-season poll
The news gets worse for Jim Leyritz

If Curt Schilling can blog, so can Phil Hughes. The Yanks’ young phenom seems to have joined the blogging masses. The title — My Weblog — needs some work, but hopefully, Phil will have some good things to say this season. PeteAbe says more is on the way. I’m excited.

An off-season poll
The news gets worse for Jim Leyritz
  • dan

    In a comment, I posted a link to the Save the Big Three t-shirts. I get the feeling that these posts won’t be as self-centered and arrogant as 38pitches’ posts are.

    • Rich

      Ya think? ;)

  • alex

    i hope we get to see more of the sister.

  • Jen Hughes

    Wow his sister has GIANT breasts… I’m in love!!!

  • marc

    finally a direct route to asking Phil where his velocity has gone! rejoice!

    • Ben K.

      You’re worse than we are with Melky and even more oblivious to September and October than the folks using Cabrera’s month-by-month stats to attempt to prove their points.

      • marc

        you never judge a young player on what they do in april or september… if we praise Phil for innings in relief in the ALDS then the same can be said for Jon Lester in the World Series. Phil is fun to watch and his no hit game with the 3 straight change ups to texieria was the best i saw him but for the most part so far hes been underwhelming , all of which im hoping is due to injury and inexperience. his delivery is just so ackward… really short arms the ball…. plus everything ive read says how he stay over the top too long and doesnt bring enough momentum to the plate which then means he wont be able to maintain his velo deep into games… isnt that exactly what we saw. i like ipk more.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    A pitcher with a blog and he’s not a blowhard. here here.