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Yanks, Twins talking Santana...again
What's the price tag for Huston Street?

Our guest post on PeteAbe’s blog is live. Click your way over to here to read it. Eschewing steroids, Johan Santana or Brian Cashman‘s inability to accurately predict the future, we wrote instead on Joba Chamberlain and his perceived role on the Yankees. Check it out.

Yanks, Twins talking Santana...again
What's the price tag for Huston Street?
  • dan

    Never really thought about this before, but here it goes…. Ben’s the lawyer, Joe’s the engineer, Mike’s the writer. I don’t really know who fits the writer profile (although Ben writes the most on the blog) so I picked Mike by process of elimination.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      One out of three.

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Ha, I think it’s painfully obvious that I’m NOT the writer.

  • dan

    With regard to the actual post… I suspect that you just got yourself a whole bunch of new readers. Awesome job guys.

  • giselle

    nice post, guys. it’s refreshing to read something about one of the young pitchers and not some controversial topic. I really can’t wait for the season to start so we could finally see how it all plays out.

  • http:slidingintohome.blogspot.com Greg Cohen

    Great post, well thought out, and I agree with everything. I have one question for you though, what would you do about the innings limit? My suggestion would be to move Joba into the pen for the final month/month and a half of the season. Now, if he can make it through the entire season as a starter and still be below his innings cap, then go for it, but is it possible?

  • Adrian-Retire21

    Great post.

  • http://www.thebronxzoo.wordpress.com iYankees

    Nice job guys. I’ll be on there later this month, aaaaah.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      Advice: Don’t just list some transactions the Yankees have enacted at some point in time.

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    agree with everything you said, but i believe the reason those YES voters overwhelmingly chose Joba as the 8th inning guy is bc there wasn’t a choice to start him. if i’m asked: who’s the best 8th inning guy, it’s definitely Joba. if i’m asked: who SHOULD be the 8th inning guy, it’s someone else bc Joba SHOULD be starting. maybe i just have too much faith in the average fan, who knows?

    anyway, definitely referring to this piece in my Lohud piece on Friday.

    • steve (different one)

      maybe i just have too much faith in the average fan, who knows?

      you do.

  • TurnTwo

    great post… one of the better pinch-hitters Pete has had since he opened it up

  • mike

    great job over there guys. i just hope you don’t get inundated with so many of the trolls and nutjobs that comment over there.

    keep up the good work!

    and BTW my save the bog three T is my favorite piece of clothing. i can’t wait to wear it to the stadium.

  • CB

    Great post guys. By far the best of the guest blogger spots over at Pete’s blog.

    If people aren’t already reading RAB they will be now.

  • http://mybaseballbias.com Jason

    I couldn’t agree more on this issue guys.

    I’m going to guess the Joseph P. wrote this so I’ll address the question to you (Ben chime in if you like).

    What limits or “caps” do you think they’ll put on Joba this year? I thought think 130-150 innings or 15-20 starts is reasonable and then use him in long relief. But how should they structure that over the season?

    I wouldn’t allow him to get anywhere near the set-up role again for fear that everyone will “fall in love all over again” with him there.

    Also, I think having Eiland around as the new pitching coach helps the situation.

    Once again… great job exploring this issue.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      Thanks, Jason.

      Re: the innings caps. I’m actually a fan of what SG at Replacement Level suggested, which is a Santana-esque handling of Joba. In 2003, they split his time effectively, and limited him to 150 innings.


      That’s how they used him. Longer bullpen outings earlier in the season, with a spot start here and there. And by the All-Star break he was a full-time starter. That would be perfect for Joba. I just don’t want to see people fall in love with him in relief again, thus making him the 8th inning guy would be a mistake.

      • http://mybaseballbias.com Jason

        Thanks a lot for the Santana comparison Joseph, I was unaware of that from SG.

        I agree… don’t fall in love with him again in the eighth inning.