Rudy’s New England baseball blunder, Part II

BA's Top Ten Yanks prospects hits the Internets
The obligatory Roger Clemens post

When last we saw Rudy Giuliani’s attempting to mix baseball and politics, he had managed to alienate Yankee fans by declaring his support for the Red Sox in the World Series. With the importance of New Hampshire in the presidential nomination cycle, Rudy needed to appeal to those New England voters any way he could.

Now, on the eve of the primary election in New Hampshire and with Rudy’s New Hampshire support all but gone (See Page 4 of that PDF), Rudy’s campaign is again suffering from baseball blunders. According to a story in the New York Post, Rudy’s campaign supporters in New Hampshire are wearing Yankee gear while trying to get Red Sox fans to vote for their candidate. Oops.

Kenneth Lovett of the Post had a great anonymous quote from someone in New Hampshire. “Some people really don’t think,” the source said. “You’re in the middle of Red Sox Nation wearing stuff from their enemy. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Can you image if people were running around The Bronx in Red Sox hats?”

While I have to take this anonymous Post story with a large grain of salt, I love this stuff. While some residents of New Hampshire and some residents of New York may both want Rudy in the White House, once baseball enters the picture, all bets are off.

Hat tip to Nick-YF at Yanksfan vs Soxfan.

BA's Top Ten Yanks prospects hits the Internets
The obligatory Roger Clemens post
  • usty

    Well if a any fan is dumb enough to base their decision for President of the United States based solely on what baseball team one roots for, then this country is going to hell anyway.

    • Barry

      People take Al Gore seriously, the country is already fucked.

      • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

        What the hell does your post have to do with anything? Did you even read what the person you’re replying to had to say? Our country is f’d because we listen to Al Gore? Real clever.

        Hey guy – Al Gore isn’t our president. So some people listen to his points on global warming – Oh my. How horrible.. the sky is falling.

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  • giselle

    i used to work in nh and there are a bunch of yankee fans there. i have no idea why. i was known as the “yankee fan” when the store i worked at was doing an ALS disease fundraiser in conjuction with curt shilling and i asked if i could wear a lou gehrig t-shirt to show my support.

    customers would come up to me and say stuff like “you have good taste,” and ” go yankees!” that whole week. nh has a lot of nyy fans, so to say it’s like wearing a red sox cap in the bronx would be wrong.

  • Edwantsacracker

    I think this might be a correction for the Red Sox world series FUBAR. Its like when he was running for mayor of New York and his advisers told him to show some appreciation for the Mets to help him politically. He told them that real baseball fans would respect sticking to your guns more than an obvious attempt to appeal to voters. (I don’t know why he didn’t follow his own advice during the World Series)

  • steve (different one)

    do these people realize that “Red Sox Nation” is not a real place?

    also, i think some stuff happened tonight with that old guy that pitched for the yankees last year…

  • Barry

    Red Sox Nation is a myth, last time I was in fuckin Boston they sold more Yankees hats at the fucking street stands than Red Sox hats. I walked proudly with my Boston Sucks t-shirt and my Yankees hat no one said a word, ask anyone in my senior class if you don’t believe it.

    • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

      No, we believe you. Between your wisdom on Al Gore and all the cursing – i’m pretty much convinced. Thanks. By the way, who taught your remedial creationism class at the high school?

  • Yankee Fan

    People shouldn’t base their decisions on what baseball team he likes, but if he loses votes in New Hampshire I could care less. As you can probably tell I don’t support Guiliani for president.

  • Caleb

    What I don’t get is how Rudy couldn’t even get control over the domain name That’s just sad.

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  • E-ROC

    The person with the anonymous quote will probably not vote for Rudy because he’s a Yankee fan. That person needs to puff-puff pass.

    Obama will probably be the next President. He’ll get my vote, even though I’d like for him to get some more experience in Washington, DC and run 2012.

    • Yankee Fan

      It is way too early to say Obama will probably win. We don’t even know if he will take the Democratic nomination let alone the White House.