Yanks about to throw in the Santana towel?

Hank: Players: 'Santana? We don't need no stinkin' Santana'
More curses per minute than Goodfellas

More from Hank this morning via The Daily News:

“What it comes down to right now is giving up a lot (in a trade) and then having to do the big contract, as well. If (Santana) was just a free agent, we could just go ahead and do it. There’s a big difference this way. We have to sign him as if he’s a free agent, plus you have to give up major talent. That’s a tall order.”

Sounds like the Yanks are starting to shy away from the Santana trade, and their line of reasoning is exactly the same one we’ve been employing since, oh, November. Maybe Hank wants to buy a t-shirt. also.

Hank: Players: 'Santana? We don't need no stinkin' Santana'
More curses per minute than Goodfellas
  • TurnTwo

    if they are really passing on Johan, I’ll be disappointed, but can deal with what we have in the rotation going into the season.

    but I would hope once the Johan deal with the Mets is finished, Cashman is first in line for Nathan, because you would figure he’d be next to go… even if they cant extend Nathan, he’ll cost a fraction of what they were asking for Johan, and it would ensure Joba stays in the rotation.

  • Alex

    the price for nathan will still be very steep. it would be unlikely that we could land nathan without giving up one of the following: hughes, kennedy, jackson or tabata as nathan will be highly sought after. he’d only stay for a year also cause he would want to close elsewhere. pass.

  • Alvaro

    This means a deal is iminent.

  • Bo

    I still find it hard to believe they would enter the year with 3 rookies in the rotation and all 3 have a capped innings threshold.

    I still see them putting one of them in the pen/long man at the start and Mussina getting starts just based on experience/salary/need

  • mg

    I hope that Johan goes to the Mets. That is the best case as far as I’m concerned. I don’t wanna see Johan end up in Boston and I don’t wanna pay the price he’s gonna cost to bring him here. It wouldn’t make sense.

    • Grant

      I hope he stays put and hits the market, or the Yanks acquire him at the trade deadline, it will be cheaper then, right?

  • Steve S

    They arent getting Nathan. Nathan is a one year rental. Unless the Yankees are prepared pay him like they just paid Mariano, its not happening. And even then I would be skeptical that they could get Nathan to sign long term to be a setup man for the next two or three years.

    • TurnTwo

      they dont have to extend him necessarily.

      nothing says they cant just rent him for a year.

      • Steve S

        why would they give up premium talent for a year of Nathan?

        • TurnTwo

          you wouldnt have to. a nice multi player package would the Twins just fine.

  • Rich

    I thought this was the most interesting part of the article:

    “…Same thing with Brian, he’s another integral part of it, obviously, being the general manager, and one day he’s leaning to do it and the next day he’s not sure.”

    I wonder if Cash’s “leaning to do it” includes a package that includes Hughes. I’m skeptical.

  • steve (different one)

    the funny thing about all of Hank’s statements is how he keeps saying “we may do it, or we may not do it” as if all he has to do is call the Twins, say they will “do it”, and it’s a deal. like it is completely his decision and the Twins don’t have a say.

    obviously the Twins are reluctant to accept the Yankees current offer.

    it might not matter if the Yankees are “willing to do it” or not. does anyone here get the impression that the Twins have any desire to trade Johan to the Yankees? i don’t.

    • http://lbaprequel.xesf.net/ LBA Prequel

      Or…it could simply be newness/ineptitude of the Twins GM, and he’s hesitant on shipping away the best pitcher in baseball.

      That being said, I still think (maybe for biased reasons) that the Yankees had the best offer on the table, and the Twins were playing us off the Sox, but I think they may have waited too long. I doubt that Santana goes before the season starts (just my opinion).

  • snoop dogg resident

    so which team if any flinch first

    do the sox add lester to the elsbury package

    do the mets add martinez

    or do the yanks add tabata/ajax or horne

    i think the only one likely to happen is the mets. they are desperate and omar seems to be the type of GM to make a despeate move and destroy his farm in order to erase the memories about next season. i still want santana, but wouldnt cry if the mets got him.

    just looking fo opinions – does anyone here think that the twins would take IPK and Tabata instead of Hughes and a lesser prospect? and – would anyone here do that deal – especially want to hear from those against a santana deal

    • steve (different one)

      i am against a santana deal, but mainly because i am against trading Hughes.

      i would certainly be willing to consider (not that i have any say lol) a deal based around Kennedy/Tabata instead of Hughes.

      • TurnTwo

        yeah, agreed. IPK, Horne, Tabata, and Marquez would trump that Mets offer, and the Twins would get back a MLB-ready SP, two more about a year away, and the best OF prospect in our system.

        I just think the Twins said Hughes or bust… either we get Hughes, or we’re trading him out of the AL.

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    i dont say this to anyone, but Hank: shut the fuck up.

  • Realist

    I hope the Mets make the deal so this nonsense ends once and for all. Then the kids can show if they can live up to the hype…I believe Johan and Hughes will , IPK would be a bonus but it’s unlikely all three will achieve those standards.