Yanks have yet to give promised stadium money to the community


When the Yankees and City officials negotiated the new stadium deal, part of the agreement focused around a community benefits program. Under this deal, the Yankees were supposed to give $1.2 million a year for thirty years to a variety of community groups upon the start of construction. Well, 17 months later, and, as Timothy Williams writes in The Times today, the Yanks haven’t given out any money. Furthermore, the Yanks have yet to form the organization tasked with administration with the donations. The Yanks say the money is in eschrow and will be given out. I see no reason not to believe them. But the secrecy and delays as detailed in Williams’ article do not reflect well on the organization.

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  • TurnTwo


  • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

    Sounds like a yawn coming out of a wealthy suburb.

    • TurnTwo

      no, just not interested in stories about the financial aspects of the stadium.

      the stadium deal is done; it is what it is, and of course its going to have financial overruns, issues and scandals… all of these stadium/arena deals do. this isnt anything new…

  • mg

    Actually, the point is made in the article that it isn’t the Yankees responsibility to form the organization that will dole out the money. Sounds more like some politicians need to get off their asses and get something done for people with that money.

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