Yanks unveil a sign etched in gold

Justice out as YES Network analyst
Much ado about Melky

Time to drop in on the construction in the Bronx. When last we saw the New Yankee Stadium, work on the Yanks’ future home was moving right along. Since the end of the season, the stadium had grown a second deck and an entry way. Today, we’ve got another update courtesy of the AP, the New York Post and Yankees.com, and now the stadium has a name.

The Post – and a hat tip on this one to Curbed – goes inside the construction, and the Yankees are definitely making progress. While they still may be behind schedule, the stadium is coming together. Bill Sanderson reports:

The words “Yankee Stadium,” solidly etched in gold-leafed stone, were hoisted by crane onto the team’s new South Bronx home this week. And now there’s rock-solid proof that unlike countless other sports teams that have given up stadium-naming rights to big corporations, Yankee tradition is not for sale. The words appear on the façade of the stadium’s 30,000- square-foot Gothic-style Grand Hall, which will be the main entranceway to the new ballpark and is expected to offer retail and restaurant space year-round.

“Yankee” went up Monday, and “Stadium” went up first thing yesterday morning, team officials said.

Sounds pretty nifty, right? But what does it look like? Well, MLB.com comes through with a new photo gallery on Yankees.com. For now, you can also see the images in the flickr set embedded below or on flickr in this set.

As Yankee Stadium nears its final season, progress on the new stadium is coming along apace, and I, one of the new stadium’s great detractors, will admit that the House that A-Rod Built sure does look pretty spectacular for now.

Justice out as YES Network analyst
Much ado about Melky
  • Marsha

    This pictures are just too sad. I cannot believe that there exists another place named Yankee Stadium. Being a Yankee fan just won’t feel the same when the new stadium is in use.

  • Peter Rabbit

    You’re the only Yankees blogger I visit that provides updates on the new stadium. Great work, keep it up. Living in Queens, I pass Citifield frequently — I get jealous! The Mets have a helluva stadium to play in in ’09.

    This is beautiful though, the gold is a fine touch. I bet they put spotlights on the front of the new Stadium at night. What a site that will be!

    I remember staring at the old photos of the first Yankee Stadium and wishing the Yanks still played there. So glad the new Stadium notes from the old-old one.

  • TurnTwo

    Have they released any official word about how Monument Park will be reconstructed? They put that stupid restaurant out in CF, and I cant figure out from the artist renditions what kind of plans they have.

  • Lourdes

    Oh please, the house that ARod built? You need help. This new house is still now in place in part because of Ruth and all the great teams that came after him to give the Yankees 26WS champioship of which ARod has none. So, why don’t we call it the house that the Yankees Dynasty’s built.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      So, why don’t we call it the house that the Yankees Dynasty’s built.

      Because that is grammatically incorrect. And if you’re going to be petty and tell people they “need help,” then I will criticize your grammar. Lighten up.

      Furthermore, if you don’t think A-Rod is the face of the Yankees now, “you need help.” :)

  • Lourdes

    He and Jeter may be the face of the Yankees but ARod had very little to do with the New Stadium. Those great teams had a heck of lot more to do with building the new Yankees Stadium than Arod. Didn’t know that there was a grammar police out here:) The House that Yankees’ Dynasties built, better? ;)

  • Smitty

    Can we call it the house that Paul O’Neill built? If we cant retire his number the warrior at least deserves this, no?

  • Lourdes

    I like that one better than the House that ARod built :)

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      The House that George Built. That’s really what this is.

  • Mike N (Stamford, CT)

    Only guys named George build stadiums in the Bronx. The House that (George) Ruth Built is being replaced by the House that George (Steinbrenner) built.

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    that sign if pretty beautiful, but i’m still concerned about the greater distance of the upper deck, the restaurant shit in CF and Monument Park.

  • Smitty

    Im okay with calling this the “Boss’s House”. When you summarize the modern Yankees of the last 3.5 decades, is there anyone more responsible for where were at now? Good or bad (mostly good for my money) George has been behind the wheel for alot of Yankee history.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/ginyv giny v

    Hey fans, I thought you may like to see a few photos of the NEW Yankees stadium I took on Jan. 16th 2008. click on http://www.flickr.com/photos/ginyv
    The stadium is lookin good.

  • jew4jeter

    How ’bout “The House that Fasano built?”

  • Gary

    This may seem foreign to some newer Yankee fans but the following feature appeared in the “old” Yankee Stadium pre 1976 and that was two, auxiliary scoreboards about the outfield fences, one in left and the other in right field.
    What made these so special to me was that, unlike many parks that featured a “visitors” moniker for the away team, the actual name of the team appeared on the auxiliary scoreboards right above the word YANKS: BALT, BOST, L.A. WASH, K.C., CHIGO, CLEVE, DET, or MINN. Then, as if that wasn’t cool enough, the signs changed so that if the away team was batting it turned over- on a pulley- from the color orange to white. When the Yanks batted it did the same for them. It kept the score, inning by inning and then runs, hits errors, the uniform number of the hitter, his position, and then finally balls, strikes and outs, all with lighted numbers.

    That’s what I want in the “brand new” Yankee Stadium. What do you think?

  • http://umiyvvwo.com Kazeljqw

    Hi webmaster!

  • Gary

    My Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Baseball

    10. Baseball Parks with field dimensions the size of a postage stamp.

    9. Baseball players wearing their pants a half-inch from their spiked shoes.

    8. Baseball players kissing their hands and then looking skyward as if the Lord God willed their safe hit.

    7. Interleague Play. Let’s take away the imminent quality of the league pennant races by staging exhibition type “Cubs vs. Rays” games, while those same teams rarely, if ever, face teams in their own league that are outside of their division.

    6. Watching middle infielders such as Robinson Cano try in vain to lay a successful bunt down only to bounce into a twin-killing because they could not do so. It’s a miracle this did not kill the Scooter sooner than August of 2007.

    5. Softball-type jerseys. The Marlins wore those usual (horrible) black uniform tops tonight Now would you tell me WHY a team playing its home games in a semi-tropical climate would wear a color that does not reflect sunlight?

    4. If I see one more overpriced twit gazing at his hit from home plate then not making it to the base he should have if only he’d have hustled, my head will explode.

    3. Starting pitchers hurling, for the most part, six to seven innings,only to turn the game- and the game’s eventual outcome- to an untested bullpen.

    2. Oooh, it’s Ken Griffey, Jr.’s 600th home run. We need a special baseball!!!! Give me a break. I heard a FOX sportscaster wondering what Bob Gibson or Don Drysdale do if an umpire threw them a special baseball for a milestone home run. The imprint of that special ball would make a special imprint on the batter’s ear.

    1. Fans in $500 seats on cell phones. Who the hell are they talking to and why? Do everyone a favor and stay home next time and allow real baseball fans to sit there!

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