A glimpse inside the new Stadium


While the Yankee beat writers are getting a tour of the new Yankee Stadium later today, we’re going to do you one better. Thanks to reader Paul V., we’ve got our hands on some photos from inside the construction site, and they are fantastic.

The photos, all taken by Robert Barkovitz, show the Stadium going up. You can view a slideshow below or check them out at my flickr site. Some highlights:

Check out the rest in this slideshow. I love watching these big construction projects go up, and it’s too bad the Yanks don’t have a construction cam set up as the Washington Nationals do. Instead, we’ll take the glimpses inside as we can get them. Again, thanks to Robert Barkovitz for these shots.

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  1. TurnTwo says:

    looks awesome. thanks for the pics- keep ‘em coming!

  2. It'sMeSNITCHES!!! says:

    would anyone happen to know which locals are building the new stadium?

  3. TurnTwo says:

    i still havent seen any renditions or information on how and where they are reconstructiong monument park, though…

  4. thunderball says:

    maybe it’s just me, but other than the first pictures introduced on the new stadium construction, I don’t find photos of girders to be very exciting. Call me once they have the right field bleachers coming into focus. What is up with the fascination with a bunch of construction workers loading steel?

    • Ben K. says:

      No one’s forcing you to look.

    • It'sMeSNITCHES!!! says:

      For starters.. It’s fascinating to see how much hard work and effort is required to build a stadium. If you can’t appreciate that, you’ve probably never seen a day of manual labor.

    • Mike A. says:

      From the outside, I can see how someone thinks stuff like is just mindless manual labor, but trust me, there’s so much work and thought put into each individual task, it’s incredible. I became an engineer because I love seeing how things work. It’s great to look at a piece of steel and appreciate it for it for the purpose it serves, rather than looking at some big chunk of metal.

  5. wayne's world says:

    The setback for the third deck looks very substantial…will be like watching the game from another planet. Too bad.

  6. Why couldn’t they have built that on the Real Stadium? Renevate the old stadium? it’s hallowed ground the very spot Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio and Mantle stood!

    if you agree with me please sign my petition thanks


  7. it does look good though? but still

  8. thunderball says:


    I’ve spent years of my life lifting and maneuvering heavy objects.. so if you want to play the “you don’t know manual labor” find some yuppie in Manhattan because I’m not th eone you should be looking at.

    If you guys have some time lapse photography going on that’s one thing. But Im sorry if a couple of pictures of random steel pieces doesn’t turn me on. You guys have some thin skin here, take some criticism without getting defensive will ya

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