And now this just got weirder

Phil Hughes is ready for the big time
Carl Pavano throws, does not get injured

Brian McNamee claims that Roger Clemens’ wife Debbie used HGH before her 2003 Sports Illustrated with her husband. With this strange turn comes more headlines, and I wonder if Congress and Commissioner Selig regret ever opening this can of worms. Maybe Mark McGwire was right when he didn’t want to talk about the past.

Phil Hughes is ready for the big time
Carl Pavano throws, does not get injured
  • Bo

    So HGH improves your appearance, muscles, vision, anti aging etc and its not harmful under a doctors care so tell me again why the hub bub?

    Everyone should be on it

    • Zack

      Thus spake Sylvester Stallone

  • E-ROC

    I guess it has gotten personal between McNamee and Roger. Where is TMZ when you need the scoop?! This is just getting dumber by the day.

    I wonder if Ric Flair is on HGH. I wanna look like him when I’m 60, without the orange leather-like skin. LOL. Wooooo!

  • Travis

    No doubt Ric Flair is on something. To be the man, you’ve got to …. take HGH?

  • Travis

    By the way, I love the fact that you can go to Debbie Clemens’ Web site and buy autographed copies of the SI issue in question. I hope it’s for charity, at least.

  • Ricochet

    This whole thing is a joke, McNamee and his lawyers are laughable as is and this now on top of McNamee’s lawyers saying that photo’s of a syringes, vials and gauze prove that Clemens is guilty of using PED’s. How does someone make that leap? It one thing to say that what’s in those photo’s will will be incriminating but act as if the photo’s are proof is asinine especially when his client has a track record of being a liar.

    BTW, I swear I just had a threesome with Heidi Klum and Scarlett Johansson and I have photographic proof and as long as you guys promise for this not to get to TMZ then I will post the following photos. But in the meantime I will describe the proof of this beautiful act that. It’s a wide angled shot of my king sized bed and the black silk sheets are completely disheveled the pillows are partially seen scattered on the floor and a massive wet spot. On the only bedpost that can seen in the photograph there is a tiny white g-string hanging there and btw there Heidi’s, Scarlett doesn’t wear panties. So there you have it the proof of my threesome with these 2 beautiful ladies. VBG.

    • Casper

      I think it’s premature to trust either McNamee or Clemens, but we should at least get the facts straight (whatever “facts” there are) if we’re discussing this stuff.

      McNamee (and his counsel) did not take some pictures of drug-paraphinilia and say those pictures were evidence that Clemens used PEDs. According to media reports, the items in the pictures were turned over by McNamee to the authorities last month. They just took the pictures to show the public what they turned over to the authorities.

  • Travis

    Ricochet, I’ll have some of whatever you’re having!

  • Rich

    I have re-thought my position on the wisdom of Mitchell naming names in the report, but given that he did, imo, Clemens’s has contradicted himself enough to make me think that he has used PEDs, irrespective of anything that McNamee has said.

    The contradticions:

    1) He said that if he had known that there were allegations against him in the Mitchell Report that he would have cooperated, but we later found out that he did know before the report was released.

    2) He also asked how he would ever gain access to syringes, but then later admitted that he used syringes to inject B12 and Lidocaine.

    When you set these revelations against the backdrop of a near epidemic of PED usage in MLB, it’s virtually impossible to believe that he didn’t use them.

  • Ricochet

    Travis, It’s easy and you don’t have to take anything you just have to be as delusional as McNamee and his lawyers and say whatever and the media runs with it, no matter how outrageous it may be.

    So if you say it’s so then it is, it’s as easy as that. So I’m claiming I had a threesome with those two wonderful ladies. If they can play this game why can’t we?

  • Ricochet

    Rich, I don’t know if Roger is guilty or not but as someone who’s been an been a top athlete and exposed to this culture for 15+ years now as well as being around it pro athletes my entire life because of what my father and other friends and family are apart of I know all to well other than actual experience of using steroids and HGH.

    What I can tell you about Clemens is that he shows no signs of being a user however that said that doesn’t mean he hasn’t used but what I’ saying is that he’s never been a user to the point where he’s altering his body ie. Barry Bonds. He really doesn’t show any signs. If he used then he didn’t do it very much and to the point that it’s going to build up his body to the point where it’s performance enhancing.

    Guess what a lot of people have tried it but most don’t like the negative effects and players that tried it and quit soon after won’t ever admit to trying it because they don’t want to be thrown into that bunch of users and thats why I’ve compared it to smoking or smoking weed. I’m sure there are plenty out there that tried it once or twice and realized that it wasn’t for them and I use the analogy of well because they tried it a few times when they where young does that make them former smokers and/or drug users? I say no, there’s a difference between trying and some that was using and using it to the point where there is a difference.

    As for the contradictions well IMO there weak, he didn’t know until it was all said and done but before it was published thats big difference and getting syringes at the stadiums are readily available and getting those shots in the clubhouse are quite common.

    As someone who knows what to look for and doesn’t see it with Clemens as well as knowing the info is coming from a guy thats a known liar and has had mental health issue’s I’m going to give Clemens the benefit of doubt before I give it McNamee. I also believe being innocent until proven guilty but on top of that my 2nd cousin (My mom’s cousin) was one of his former trainers and he like all the others with the exception of McNamee say they all saw no signs of steroid use.

  • Jersey

    Wow…I just laughed when I read this post. What more can you do. Nutty.

  • JeremyM

    This is just disgusting. What does his wife have to do with anything? First we had the garbage with Mattingly’s wife and now this. McNamee has proven nothing except that he’s a total and complete creek, and Clemens was stupid to employ him.

  • JeremyM

    And what happened to the McNamee party line that it was with great regret and sorrow that he “ratted” out Clemens. That he hated to do it but he didn’t have a choice. Blah blah blah, oh yeah, I threw your wife in there as a user too.

  • Realist

    Now is his maid next on the McNAMEe world tour?

  • Ben B.

    No WAY Debbie Clemens gets into the HoF now. NO WAY!!!!

    • steve (different one)

      well played.

  • Kevin23

    I just want to know what purpose that information served McNamee.

    re: McNamee’s “evidence” – How in the hell is he going to show chain of custody and proper storage over 7 years? LAPD can’t even do that half the time.

    And I loved the idiot congressmen who claim to be doing all this “for the children”.

    As for the issue of if he did it, I can’t think of any reason why he didn’t. But that isn’t proof.

  • The Good Doctor

    I keep wanting to believe Roger. Especially since McNamee is clearly a lying, low-life scum (which doesn’t necessarily mean he is lying now, just that he does have a checkered past when it comes to telling the truth). But what disturbs me about this story (besides how ridiculous it is for McNamee to bring Mrs. Clemens into it) is that reading the Daily News story I don’t see any outright denials from anyone in the Clemens camp. No one said straight out that she didn’t do it, rather they say the she is not the issue. True, she’s not the issue but why not then deny the allegation if its not true and not an issue? Did I miss something?

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

    The real crime here is the disgrace we call Congress wasting taxpayers time and money on this nonsense. Two words, so what!
    What’s waiting on the other size of this maze, not even a piece of cheese. Congress wants to do something for children, and this is what they come up with!

    Congress wants to do something in the world of sports for kids, how about investigating the coast to coast scam known as the NCAA.

    • The Good Doctor


  • Spike

    I’d like to give Debbie a high hard one.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I think that bringing his wife into it is crossing yet another line…though I can’t believe there were any lines left to be crossed. When do the kids come in? When does Roger just find Brian and beat the snot out of him?