Derek talks; someone writes an article


Whenever Derek Jeter talks, someone is around to record his musings. It’s as though his inner monologue makes it to the press everyday. From the weekend: Derek Jeter supports blood testing for MLB players and also wants to play in 2009′s World Baseball Classic. Check back tomorrow when Jeter wonders what he wants for dinner and if he’s in the mood for There Will Be Blood or some lighter movie fare.

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  1. E-ROC says:

    His name isn’t going to go away anytime soon, especially with the discussion of his defense. It is a break from the norm. A bold statement from Derek Jeter surprised me a little. Good for him.

  2. Steve S says:

    What happened Ben, did Derek Jeter mug you in the subway?

    • Geno says:

      Seriously. The anti-Jeter jag is a little odd.

      • steve (different one) says:

        how was this post “anti-Jeter” in any way?

        i took it as making fun of the media.

        • Steve S says:


          In the first week of Spring Training, you wrote one post discussing when Jeter will give up his position. You wrote one where Derek Jeter has lost his Teflon status in NY, which from these articles is apparently not true. And while I understood the intent, within the context of the previous posts and the tone in this one, it can come off as “God Im tired of hearing about Derek Jeter”. And the WBC stuff I agree, but the blood testing comment in the current landscape is pretty relevant.

          • Ben K. says:

            The post about Jeter’s teflon status was defending him from his critics. That’s how it was written; that’s how it reads. If you disagree, we’ll just have to agree to disagree on that one. Same with this post. I’m not singling out Jeter here for anything bad.

            • Steve S says:

              Didn’t mean to offend. But Im sorry when you take the Pete Abraham blog post and declare that there is a popular trend of criticizing Jeter developing, then I have to read some perhaps subconscious dislike. But clearly I was wrong and I apologize.

  3. Mike R. says:

    At least this is baseball related. I’m tired of seeing articles about who he tried to pick up last night.

  4. Ben K. says:

    I’m not at all sure why you people are reading this as an anti-Jeter post. It’s an anti-media post. They will literally write about anything. Except for steve (different one), y’all missed the point.

    And, more importantly, my post last week defending Jeter from the naysayers was decidedly not anti-Jeter. So, Geno, I’m not sure what “anti-Jeter jag” you’re talking about.

  5. Geno says:

    I realize most comments around here amount to a circle-jerk of this site’s writers, but come on. One of the biggest names in the game took a public stand against his Union. Fehr and his boys have vehemently opposed blood tests for HGH. How is this NOT news?

    And your dismissive attitude towards those not on board with your views will only hurt this site, as will your irrational hatred of mainstream media. Is there a lot of bad writing out there that gets published in newspapers? No doubt, a fan must be able to sift through the garbage, just like on the web.

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