Derek’s rough week

A-Rod ready for drug questions, wants World Series
Yankees saying and doing all the right things

First, a bunch of researchers say that the Captain is baseball’s worst fielding system. Then, over the weekend, he tries to hit on Siena Miller and fails. I wonder what’s more of a blow to DJ.

A-Rod ready for drug questions, wants World Series
Yankees saying and doing all the right things
  • Jamie

    I’d go with the blue balls

  • Mike A.

    Poor Jeter must have had to turn too his Plan B girl, Jessica Alba.

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  • Edwantsacracker

    We all know that Jeter isn’t a good defensive shortstop, but really, is it fair to compare his performance last year to a young Alex Rodriguez. And why is Bernie Williams name even being thrown around in the article at all, he hasn’t played center field in two years.

    Its just one of those articles that is written to make the yankees look bad…

  • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

    I hate the NY Post. Weren’t they the ones that broke the A-Rod-Canada-Stripper story? It’s like they’re out to expose the personal lives of the Yankees and beat them to shit. I hate that tabloid crap.

    • Sam

      Yeah, hard to put any stock in the Post. Things like “Journalistic Integrity” and “NY Post” will never be put together for a positive reason, that’s for sure.

      If you haven’t checked out you should – they often rip the sportswriters from the Post (very witty, and very good stuff).

  • samiamsports

    Lets not wory about jeter and his personal life. We all should pray to have HIS problems

  • Rich

    Jeter must have been buzzed. She isn’t that hot.

  • bill73083

    Hey, everyone is forgetting that Jeter is clutch! He doesn’t strike out when it counts.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Jeter was very snarky to the press the day of Andy’s press conference. They asked him when the roids scandal will go away and he said when you guys stop asking questions.

    Uh no Derek that’s not it.

    He was just really snarky like he was before the playoffs last year. He hates the press and he’s probably gotten more free passes from them than anyone in sports.

  • Colin

    that pretty much is it. I don’t care what the players think about the steroid scandal. its the media that makes such a big deal about it.

  • Barry

    I guess Derek will have to call his two usual hoes up and apologize about the parking situation a few months ago.

  • Mr.Yankee

    In the last several years “as a critical Yankee’s fan” Jeter hasn’t show me heart anymore , it’s just a business to him these days!