Hank recognizes the Satana-less future

Yanks beat Wang in arbitration
The Jason Giambi X-Factor

Says Hank: “We’re one of the five best, and no nobody really knows who’s better than who at this point. There’s Detroit, Boston, Cleveland, there’s Anaheim, and there might be a couple others as well. … With (Johan) Santana, we’d be the favorite right now. I’d like to win it this year. But we had a chance, and it will only get better.”

While WasWatching.com says Hank is expressing some Santana remorse, it seems to me that Hank recognizes that the future will “only get better” with the Big Three around. Considering Hank was long the one who pushed hard for Santana, this is a welcome change of heart from one of the guys in charge.

Yanks beat Wang in arbitration
The Jason Giambi X-Factor
  • http://www.duelingpinstripes.wordpress.com jboogz

    Is Hank schizophrenic? First, he wants Santana. Then, the Twins are taking too long so he drops the bitter exgirlfriend ultimatum, “I want an answer by tomorrow or we’re done”. Forget Shelly Duncan as a quote machine, this guy is gonna be fantastic for years to come.

  • Steve

    Looking at what the “final” offer was from the Twins (Wang/Kennedy+) and what they actually accepted from the Mets, I’m convinced that Smith didn’t want to trade Santana within the AL. Not unless he got blown away.

  • http://www.duelingpinstripes.wordpress.com jboogz

    It could also be Johan not wanting to go have to play in the AL East. Everyone says how he is this fierce competitor and top flight athlete, but I don’t buy it.

    Why would you want to go bang your head against a wall playing against the Yankees or RedSox 19 times a year. And with all the positive steps the Rays have taken in the last two drafts, as well as developing some stud positional players [read 11 outfielders and Evan Longoria] I think its only going to get worse.

    Now instead he gets to slap around the Marlins who will be horrible till the year 3000, and every time through the batting order in every start he gets to take a breather through the bottom 1/3.

    • Nefarious Jackson

      wake me up when the Rays finish above .500 ONCE then I’ll start to worry about them…

  • Ben B.

    Ben, don’t link to Was Watching anymore until Lombardi gets off the ledge.

    His blog is becoming ridiculously pessimistic and paranoid. He was on Giambi today for not reporting to camp *early* in a year when Steve thought he should be out to *prove* himself. Of course, the same could be said of A-Rod needing to prove himself in a big contract year, too, especially given that Steve thinks Cano is going to dog it, now that he has the new contract. The guy has issues (Lombardi, not the players), and isn’t listening to the negative feedback he’s been getting in his comments.

    • steve (different one)

      agreed. he’s a hack.

  • Rich

    Hank’s comment tends to support my supposition that he wanted to trade for Santana, but Hal blocked the deal because he agreed with Cash’s recommendation. It seems that they may have formed and alliance that may now be leading the franchise.

  • keith

    WW has went off the deep end lately. It’s a shame because it was readable before. He usually comes off as a bostondirtdog.

  • Jeff

    I don’t think it is a change of heart as much as it is dealing with the reality of having to push on without the team that made the most sense to him (a team headed by the best pitcher in baseball). I think he would have preffered to be the favorite but now that that is no longer an option you have to be optomistic about the team you have.
    I’m in the same boat as I think we could have beat the Mets offer without giving up Hughes. But hey that’s water under the bridge now and I still like our chances. I hope more than anything that I was dead wrong and the kids will prove we didn’t need him.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I think Johan gets to be a hero in the NL in a way he would NOT get to be on the Yankees. The pressure, the scrutiny, the Red Sox, oh my!

    I think the Mets got him for a song and there had to be some desire on the part of both parties to make a deal that cheap (between Twins/Mets not between Johan/Mets).

    Maybe Hank just realized we can’t have him now. But I think that keeping the kids (Wang/Kennedy/Hughes whomever) is better.

  • E-ROC

    “However, one sweaty pitcher did depart the arduous running drill by saying: “We are doing Navy Seal stuff this year. If they had a pool, they would make us swim.”

    The Girardi Era was open for business. Will it work out?”


  • mustang

    First, Hank is wrong we are the six best team : Detroit, Boston, Cleveland, Anaheim and Seattle and last time i checked they were only 4 playoff spots. I think not getting Santana was a mistake. I’m not ready to crown the “Big Three” like most people on this site. We will see how happy Hank will be with Cash and Hal if the “Big Three” blow up and the Yanks don’t make the playoffs. Also how many people on this site jump of the ” Big Three’ bandwagon if that happens. Guys i like the kids, but we could had the youth movement and Santana. I just don’t see the need to risk the season, but we have. So i hope you “Big Three” lovers are right.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      the point isn’t jumping on or off the “Big Three” bandwagon. it’s about embracing player development instead of looking to the next sexy, shiny name as the correct way you build championships. this franchise spent enough time trying to win championships through free agency and giving up young talent, and championships only came when they complimented strong development with smart, targeted acquisitions.

      if only one of Joba/Hughes/Kennedy becomes what we think they will, or even if they’re the next Pulsipher/Isringhausen/Wilson, it still does not mean that aborting strong player development was the right way to go.

    • Ivan

      Yo think seattle is better than the Yankees? Hell no

      If you wanna say that Boston, Cleveland or Detroit are better the yankees fine. But The top two teams in the AL west to me, are not better than the yankees.

      Second, we can’t judge this trade off one year. You can’t.

    • steve (different one)

      wow. Seattle?


  • Jeff

    Mustang- way too pesimistic… howcan you be so quick to write off your team?
    I was for getting Santana but I don’t think we are on the outside looking in because we didnt get him. We are solidly in the mix. Giardi is doing the long overdue thing by lighting a fire under these guys asses… and I think this will let the talent come through. I believe our ball club is still the most talented. If they play and perform to their ability we should be in great shape.
    Further your top pick Detroit made some nice aquisitions but just because a team is good on paper doesn’t always translate. You want a bold prediction… Detroit will be no where near the wildcard come September. My reasoning is that besides Verlander they have no staff. Rogers is old and ready to blow, Willis was good but is no longer. Their clubs bats were good last year but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the production dropped off mitigating Cabrerra who will have to adjust to hitting in a new league.

  • Adrian-Retire21

    He willing to risk for the future but remember he wants to still win.This isn’t a rebuilding team.He ain’t gonna wait two years.If the Yankees don’t make the post season Brian Cashman should be fired.Hey Joe Torre wasn’t responsible for us not winning last year but people have to go if this team doesn’t win this year.

  • mustang

    I agree with Adrian-Retire21 totally. While we are busy printing “Big Three” t-shirts teams like Detroit, Anaheim and yes (steve (different one) and Ivan) Seattle have add proven depth to there rotations. I just don’t get it Cash could of had both the Ace and kept most of this young core. And please don’t bring up the money thing it just doesn’t fly with the Yanks. I hope i’m wrong but i see the same team team that lost to Cleveland.

  • mustang

    1. E. Bedard= 13-5
    2. F. Hernandez = 14-7
    3. M. Batista = 16-11
    4. J. Washburn= 10-15
    5. C. Silva=13-1
    J. Putz=6-1; ERA 1.38 ;SV 40

    We have nothing to worry about there. Yeah OK

    • steve (different one)

      ooooh, a CLOSER!!

  • mustang

    C.Silva is 13-14

  • steve (different one)

    why are you ignoring everything Seattle LOST this offseason?

    Jose Guillen was one of their best hitters last year, gone.

    the lost their shutdown lefty in the bullpen in the Bedard trade.

    Seattle outperformed their pythagorean record by something like 8 wins last year. they were roughly a .500 team in talent.

    they picked up Bedard, who is admittedly very good, but lost one of their best hitters, a good reliever, and the guy who should have been their starting CFer.

    oh, and Carlos Silva isn’t very good.

    the Mariners are probably somewhere between 85-88 wins.

    they will not be better than the Yankees.

  • mustang

    I’m not saying that the Mariners are going to be better, but they are going to be a force to deal with. You also left out the fact that they had that crazy schedule at the end of last season that did them in. And your right Silva isn’t very good but he is better then Mussina. There top two are very good and their closer is lights out. Look i do think we are better i just wish we would of done something in the off season.

    • steve (different one)

      First, Hank is wrong we are the six best team : Detroit, Boston, Cleveland, Anaheim and Seattle

      you very clearly said the Mariners are going to be better.

      i agree with your latest post, the Mariners will make it slightly more difficult for the Yankees to get the WC.

      that said, according to most projection systems, after the Schilling injury, the Yankees are now neck and neck with the Red Sox for the top 2 teams in the AL.

      also, i was just joking with my “oooh, a closer” comment, but my fat thumb hit the return key before i could elaborate. it came across more snarky than i intended.

  • mustang

    We are not one of the top 2 teams steve (different one). Detroit, Boston, and Anaheim are clearly better on paper. For now paper is all we got. I give you Seattle and I have to see Cleveland do it again, but with our bullpen top two no way. Once again I see RAB putting Cash on his high horse in its new post. I’m going to see if I want in on this one.
    steve (different one) thank you for the talk its nice to see someone with a different point of veiw that can come cross clean.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    Seattle sucks on paper. Let’s not let ourselves get ahead of anything. They have zero offense, and so far, no projection has them even finishing at .500 with PECOTA pegging them as a 72-win team. I’m hardly shaking in my boots there.

  • mustang

    Give me Seattle’s rotation and I will find the offense. Aren’t they playing like 36 games vs Texas and the A’s. PECOTA Is the same system that had the Yanks winning like 103 games. I’m still trying to figure that one out. LOL

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      Not a chance. Give me the Yanks rotation 100 times out of 100.