Keeping the kid gloves on

Some non-steroids reading
Well, that was a quick off-season

Jack Curry sat down with some of the Yanks’ young guns and the new skipper yesterday to discuss pitch counts and innings limits. The short version: Joe Girardi did not handle his pitchers improperly in Florida. The longer version: The Yankees are going to be very, very careful with Joba, Phil and IPK this season. But we knew that already.

Some non-steroids reading
Well, that was a quick off-season
  • Irving Schlemiel

    Keeping 2 to 3/5’s of your rotation on a pitch count means we’re in for rebuilding year, folksies. The less pitchers you use during the course of a season, the greater chance of postseason appearance – somebody did a study earlier this offseason.

    Or, if you think “Studies have shown too many studies have been done” than the beloved stripes should be in the thick of it from start to finish…

    • Mike A.

      The kids on pitch counts are better than the Karstens, Rasners, Igawas, etc from last year. They’ll be fine.

    • Nefarious Jackson

      I’m not buying the “rebuilding” year if that’s what you’re selling- the line-up will score 1000 runs and the staff will be much better than last year

    • steve (different one)

      how many starters did the yankees use in 2005? 2006? 2007?

      i am not saying the yankees are the favorites to win the world series, although i guess that is a “rebuilding year” for yankee fans these days, but this team isn’t going to be a .500 team.

      they will win somewhere between 90-96 games.

      maybe that won’t be enough, but it not “rebuilding” either.

  • dan

    Wang and Pettitte throw a combined 430, Kennedy and Hughes combine for 360, Joba 130 starting (+20 relieving), and that’s 920 before Mussina throws a pitch. Yankees starters last year threw 921 total innings, and the Red Sox starters threw 992 innings last year. Mussina fills in the other 70 (and then some), and that puts the Yankees right where the Red Sox were last year in terms of innings. Any injuries can be filled in with Mussina or a minor league callup (presumably better than igawa, rasner, wright, or desalvo). I don’t see this as a rebuilding year at all.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I don’t buy any rebuilding year. I don’t know if the Yankees even know what a rebuilding year is.

  • brad k

    Rebuilding. I doubt that. The Yanks spent $365 million dollars just to retain their own players (RO, MO, and PO). The Jake in Cleveland only cost $325 million to build!! One teams idea of “rebuilding” is another’s idea of a “dynasty”. We’ll find a way to 95 wins.

  • Old Ranger

    You should look up how many pitchers were used by the contending teams, in the AL. One would find that all the teams used about 6/8 starters during the year. All pitchers have a little something go wrong, a fingernail, sore arm, tired arm, etc., therefore one needs another pitcher to step up.
    There is the fact; if one needs to many pitchers (9/10 or more) like Yanks did last year…your in deep s@#t.
    I wouldn’t call this a rebuilding year. Were there any (very good) starting pitchers out there in FA? NO! Santana…No way, to much talent and money(years). Anyone can say what should have been done, but we don’t know what Cash tried to do/didn’t do. Besides, we have about 5 young arms that can try to make a difference in the Yanks season. Lets wish them luck, good health. 27/08.

    • dan

      That’s what Marquez, White, Horne, McCutchen, and Karstens are for. I’m glad they didn’t sign someone just to suck.

  • bkight13

    The thing that worries me is how will Pettitte respond to all the controversy. I could see him just hanging them up and retiring to his ranch. I hope he takes the Patriots approach and turns his scandal into into a rallying cry.