LaTroy Hawkins Day

Derek talks; someone writes an article
Jeter, Union at odds over HGH test comments

Tyler Kepner in The Times and Mark Feinsand in the Daily News both tackle LaTroy Hawkins today. The Yanks’ latest veteran addition to the bullpen is impressing his bosses during the early days of Spring Training. Hawkins is a vital piece in the bullpen this season; if he can turn in some consistency from the set-up role, Joba would be free to move to the starting rotation.

Derek talks; someone writes an article
Jeter, Union at odds over HGH test comments
  • NC Saint

    I’m not convinced. Why wouldn’t they claim to be impressed with a new reliever who they have to give a spot to anyway?

    • Geno

      They could have said nothing.

  • TurnTwo

    not only allow Joba to move into the rotation, but an effective Hawkins makes Farnsworth expendable. Lidge just went down for 3-6 weeks with a reoccuring knee injury; give Farnsy a couple innings early this spring and see if the Phillies bite.

    • steve (different one)

      isn’t opening day 5 weeks away? would the Phillies trade for Farnsworth if Lidge will be back in 3-6 weeks?

      the Yankees won’t give him away in a salary dump so the only way they make a trade is if the Phillies are offering actual talent. i don’t think they would bite.

      i think Farns can contribute this year. we just have to have realistic expectations. he’s not going to be an elite setup man.

      but can he give the yanks 70 innings of an ERA around 4? i think he can.

      i am cautiously optimistic about the bullpen this year. there are a lot of good arms in camp.

      • TurnTwo

        5 weeks away, yes. but who’s to say Lidge will be done battling this type of problem as the season pregresses? and its not like the rest of the Phillies’ bullpen is lockdown; they need Lidge to be healthy and effective, and if he’s neither, the best fallback option(s) are Tom Gordon and JC Romero.

        I think Farnsworth can be decent; give 60-70 innings at a 4.50 ERA. If he’s still with the team for the season, i’ll hope he can get it done. But there will never be one time he comes through the OF fence that i’ll be confident in him for that game. not once.

  • Bo

    Dont be cynical or anything NCSAINT.

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  • BrunoAKAmaximumpotential

    I’m not worried about the pen this year. There’s plenty of GOOD arms to shuffle through, plus with Girardi pulling the strings instead of Torre, we won’t be stuck with 2-3 guys being overworked and everyone else unused. Girardi’ll spread out the innings and appearances so everyone’ll be fresh down the stretch.

  • DanElmaleh

    Love the title! Clever.

  • E-ROC

    Thank God for Girardi. He at least pays attention the young arms and is willing to exhaust every option. It’s quite refreshing. That’s actually sad when it’s the norm with other ballclubs. It’s good to catch up with the times.

    Hopefully, Girardi fixes Farnsdearth.

  • Al the Man

    I give one of my friends a lot of credit on this signing. He wrote me an email about Latroy Hawkins when the Yankees were putting him down and we thought it pretty much was Vizcaino and a Draft pick for one years of Hawkins as being a good trade. He also realized The reason for my optimism comes from “Hawkins’ extreme ground ball rate. His 65% mark in 2007 ranked him 2nd in the NL and 3rd in baseball among all pitchers with more than 30 IP. My belief is that the Yankees know this, and at some level are capitalizing on the undervaluing of ground ball rates among MLB front offices. If Hawkins can post a similar figure this year, even with the low strike out rate, he figures to be one of the better middle relievers in the American League. With that in mind, and also factoring in the money and years, this appears to be a great signing by the Yankees.”

    Now Girardi was impressed with Hawkins saying that he is keeping the ball down and could be very valuable in situations where you need a ground ball. How many times last year did we see Torre take out Wang or Pettite (Two great ground ball pitchers) to put in fly ball pitchers Vizcaino or Proctor? This is another reason why Cashman and Girardi are very smart baseball guys who I think will do an excellent job in this organization.

  • Al the Man

    Correction: When the media was putting him down not the Yankees

  • Stephen

    I can’t see any way that Hawkins can come near Joba’s production. To me best case scenario with Hawkins has him as a somewhat more consistent Vizcaino. Sorry but that’s not going to get the job done as the primary setup man. Sure a solid Hawkins could help get Joba into the rotation, but I don’t really see it happening unless some other young guys (Ohlie et al.) step it up.