Media hit: Span on Santana on Slate

Strickland out with bum elbow
With Clemens under fire, so is Pettitte

Emma Span writes on Slate today about a topic near and dear to our hearts: why fans of the Yanks and Red Sox weren’t so keen on trading for Johan Santana. She sends a shout-out to our Save the Big Three campaign, and more t-shirt styles are now available with IPK’s and Phil’s new numbers.

Strickland out with bum elbow
With Clemens under fire, so is Pettitte
  • NYFan50

    I was just about to email you guys that you got a mention there, but you beat me to it…

  • Matt

    Thanks for posting the link. I wrote essentially the same thing two weeks ago:

  • Jason R.

    Greg, nice props in the article!!! I just linked your way from my blog discussing the Slate article. Good work, man!

  • Jeff

    I’m more or less over it as one has to be seeing the chance has already passed but I still think it was weak for us to miss out on Johan. Looking at the depth of our system I’m more inclined to think that we could have saved the three amigos while gaining the best pitcher in baseball. Marquez, Horne, Igawa, McCutchen… would have been nice chips seeing that we have Brackman comming up. Its good to have a strong farm but so many guys that are blocked should have been consolidated for an ace. Don’t you think?

    • Rob_in_CT

      I see the argument, but it was the combination of surrendering the prospects (and I don’t think Horne/Marquez/Igawa/McCutchen was ever EVER gonna get it done) *and* signing Santana to a huge, long-term deal. Add that up, and it’s a massive risk. I would have understood it, given the age of the team’s position player core, but I was against because, to me, the cost in prospects and the size & length (mostly length) of the contract worried me.

      Back to the names you mentioned… I don’t think the Twins would’ve sent Santana to the Yanks for the b-list guys you mention, for two reasons:

      1) I think they were inclined to take less from an NL team; and
      2) Surely, if the offer was that low, Boston would’ve trumped it. Boston was content to let Santana go the Mets for a pile of crap, but not the Yankees.

      • steve (different one)

        if the yanks could have gotten santana for horne/marquez/igawa/mccutchen they would have.

        how did we get from Wang and Kennedy to Horne and Igawa?

        • RollignWave

          Wang and Kennedy is a huge price to pay and makes very very questionable sense because it does’n’t help you either long span OR short.

          I think people don’t realize how close the value of Wang and Santana is … it’s definately a lot closer then …. the 20 million differenec in doe they make.

          • Stephen

            Don’t tell me that, after looking at what the Mets gave up, the Yanks would have had to include both Wang and IPK. Sure there’s no way that a deal centered around Horne and Igawa would have gotten the job done, but I find it hard to believe that the Twins wouldn’t have jumped at an IPK/Horne deal.

            As for the money, the Yanks will have a ton of flexibility when Giambi and Pavano come off the books next year. Sure signing Santana to a long term deal would incur certain risks, but my feeling is: what’s the point of having nearly inexhaustabe resources if you’re not going to use them?

            • steve (different one)

              OK, i “won’t tell you” that.

              i’ll just accept your assertion that IPK/Horne would have gotten it done, even though you are basing that on absolutely nothing,

              you guys are overrating Horne’s trade value.

              on the baseball america list that just came out:
              Guerra is #35
              Kennedy is #45
              Gomez is #52
              Horne is not in the top #100.

              so, no, even though i am a Yankee fan and i love IPK, i can’t say with certainty the Twins would have “jumped” for IPK and Horne.

              • Rob_in_CT

                Exactly. While I too think the Twins ended up taking a weak offer from the Twins, IPK+Horne wasn’t enough to trump it.

                And again, the Red Sox were not just going to sit there and let the Yankees trade for Santana unless the Sox were sure the Yanks were overpaying. They’re not stupid (in fact, one can argue they’re very smart). If the Yanks did Wang+IPK (fucking stupid), Theo and Co. probably let it happen. If, however, it looked like an IPK+Horne deal was going to happen, the Sox would’ve jumped back in and trumped that offer – either getting Santana for a reasonable price (their trade chips were more expendable than the Yankees’ trade chips, IMO) or at least forcing NY to increase its offer again.

                I sincerely hope, btw, that when the Twins called and asked for Wang and IPK they were laughed at. Right out loud.

            • Rob_in_CT

              Regarding the payroll…

              CC Sabathia and Mark Texiera. Santana is not the only fish in the sea. Now, there is no guarantee either of those guys hit the FA market. But in CC’s case, it seems to me that the chance is very good. The Indians, unlike the Twins, expect to compete for all the marbles this year. The could not, therefore, trade CC in the offseason. They could trade him at the deadline if they’re already out of contention, but that seems highly unlikely. They could also work out a deal, but that too seems unlikely at this point.

  • Jason R.

    *Ben (not Greg). my bad. ***bangs head on desk***