Maybe that’s the real reason why the Yankees didn’t want to sign Santana (Yankee Stadium cost overruns).

    Too bad the Yanks don’t public DSCR and things like that….

  • huuz

    well it is better than just giving the $ to other MLB teams…at least the Yanks are getting something for their $.

  • TurnTwo

    every stadium construction project goes overbudget.

  • Steve S

    every construction in new york goes over budget.

    • TomG


  • Geno

    If it’s that far over budget now, in the construction’s infancy, where will it be when the stadium is complete? That’s an insane number to be over-budget this early in the game.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      I wouldn’t call it the project’s infancy. They’re 13.5 months away from completion after two years of planning and construction. But it’s hard to imagine this figure not increasing before April 2009.

  • steve (different one)

    i don’t really care about the budget runover, i am more concerned about the distance of the field from the upper deck and the fact that there is a big restaurant in the middle of the bleachers that obscures your view if you are sitting by it.

  • jsbrendog

    and the fact that there will be less seats that cost more money

    • TurnTwo

      but is this really a change from what we have now?

      idk about anyone else, but i’ve noticed that unless you buy tickets in March when they go onsale, you cant get tickets to a game thru the season really anyway.

      i dont go to a lot of games… maybe 2-3 a year, and those tickets i usually get thru stubhub. so the simple fact that there will be less seats but will be more comfortable, with better concessions and sightlines, thats a bonus any way i look at it.

  • Gambino

    Tishman Speyer are behind this one aren’t they? They run a real racket.

  • Batty

    That’s OK – they’ll make it up by adding some seats where you can’t see like next to the restaurant in center field.

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