New Stadium slighty over budget


Did I say slightly? I meant nearly half a billion dollars. “We’ll make it up some way,” Yankees COO Lonn Trost said.

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  1. JRVJ says:


    Maybe that’s the real reason why the Yankees didn’t want to sign Santana (Yankee Stadium cost overruns).

    Too bad the Yanks don’t public DSCR and things like that….

  2. huuz says:

    well it is better than just giving the $ to other MLB teams…at least the Yanks are getting something for their $.

  3. TurnTwo says:

    every stadium construction project goes overbudget.

  4. Steve S says:

    every construction in new york goes over budget.

  5. Geno says:

    If it’s that far over budget now, in the construction’s infancy, where will it be when the stadium is complete? That’s an insane number to be over-budget this early in the game.

    • Ben K. says:

      I wouldn’t call it the project’s infancy. They’re 13.5 months away from completion after two years of planning and construction. But it’s hard to imagine this figure not increasing before April 2009.

  6. steve (different one) says:

    i don’t really care about the budget runover, i am more concerned about the distance of the field from the upper deck and the fact that there is a big restaurant in the middle of the bleachers that obscures your view if you are sitting by it.

  7. jsbrendog says:

    and the fact that there will be less seats that cost more money

    • TurnTwo says:

      but is this really a change from what we have now?

      idk about anyone else, but i’ve noticed that unless you buy tickets in March when they go onsale, you cant get tickets to a game thru the season really anyway.

      i dont go to a lot of games… maybe 2-3 a year, and those tickets i usually get thru stubhub. so the simple fact that there will be less seats but will be more comfortable, with better concessions and sightlines, thats a bonus any way i look at it.

  8. Gambino says:

    Tishman Speyer are behind this one aren’t they? They run a real racket.

  9. Batty says:

    That’s OK – they’ll make it up by adding some seats where you can’t see like next to the restaurant in center field.

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