Profiling Damon Oppenheimer

Yanks give two-year extensions to key cog
Red Sox fill their empty 'fat pitcher' spot

Damon Oppenheimer is the man behind Brian Cashman‘s plan to develop a solid core of young players who come up through the Yankees’ farm system. Oppenheimer and Daily News columnist John Harper sat down for a lengthy talk recently, and the resulting profile in today’s paper provides a solid glimpse into the mind behind the Yankees’ drafting plan. If you want to know how Joba and IPK started a movement that propelled the Yanks’ system to the upper echelons of Major League Baseball, check it out.

Yanks give two-year extensions to key cog
Red Sox fill their empty 'fat pitcher' spot
  • YankCrank20

    hey ben, i know this is off topic but i want your opinion.

    the yanks have innings limits on three big arms, 2 of them in the rotation and joba working both pen and rotation. that mean we’ll need to possibly rely on 7-10 spot starts of guys like karstens and igawa who are mediocre at best. well, kyle lohse, who significantly overhyped himself and misplayed the market, is just sitting there waiting for a team to get him. hes 29 and had more than twice as many strikeouts as he did walks. why not throw a one year deal of $6-8 mil and let our offense boost his stats so we can keep the innings limits an easy thing for our kids?

    • Ben K.

      Why waste $6-$8 million on a pitcher who just isn’t that good? The Yanks have plenty of starting options that can, more or less, do what Kyle Lohse would do. That’s a waste of money and roster space.

      • DanElmaleh

        We do have Moose, still. He should be able to do the same.

        • Ben K.

          Well, yes. I’d count Moose in the starting rotation though at least for the beginning of the year. It’s going to be Wang, Pettitte, Hughes, Moose, Kennedy with Joba, Igawa, Karstens, Rasner, Horne, etc. waiting in the wings. I see Kyle Lohse as nothing but a waste for the Yanks really.

          • YankCrank20

            well now that i read a little bit of his scouting report, i can see why nobody is going after him. according to scouts he seems crankier than moose and puts it up and over the plate more than igawa. i only expressed interest because spot starts of rasner, igawa, karstens never seem to go well at all

  • E-ROC

    Who in the blue hell quits baseball to run an ice cream store? Apparently, David Walling. Wow! Even if I didn’t like the sport, I would’ve at least tried to pull off one of the biggest heist in baseball like Carl Pavano.

    Damon Oppenheimer said he doesn’t want to be the GM. And that he likes his current job. Brian Cashman said the same thing. Yeah, he’ll be a future GM for the Yanks or some other team.

    • Rich

      “If that’s something somebody else sees and wants to talk about, and that’s the right thing to happen, it’ll happen,” he said. “But I’m definitely not out there seeking that job. I love doing what I’m doing now.

      I take that to mean that he likes his job, but that he would be interested in a GM job if and when the right situation presents itself, including the Yankee job.

      • mooks

        Damon Oppenheimer would take the job in a heartbeat.

        When Cashman got total control, at least he didn’t punish Damon Oppenheimer and the rest of the tampa faction, he placed them in roles where they would work best, and where they answered to him.

        Damon Oppenheimer was basically one of the leaders of that tampa faction, but the guy is good, I expect him to be a GM somewhere in a couple of years.

  • The Scout

    While we’re on the subject of Dave Walling, it brings back some memories of other brilliant draft moves by the Yankees. I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Andy Brown, whose sole claim to draft glory was that he was the same height as Dave Winfield. I remember watching Brown play at Skylands in NJ a couple of years after he was drafted (short season A ball) and he was without doubt the WORST baseball player I had ever seen. I would love to know who the scout was who recommended Brown…

  • Lanny

    Kyle Lohse???

    Havent people learned their lesson from below average free agent starters??

    GOod thing the Yanks have

  • ross

    OP as he was known to friends has always had an eye for talent. I wish him the best of luck with whatever he does.