Project Prospect’s Top 150 List

How many starts will they make?
Brian Hoch reads RAB

The guys over at Project Prospect posted their list of the Top 150 prospects, with seven Yankees making the cut. James at YanksBlog gives you the rundown on those guys, so I’ll just refer you to his post. I’m glad Braves lefty Jeff Locke got some love at #89, that kid’s a dynamo sleeper. I’m also glad they knocked Dan Cortes of the Royals (#126) down a peg, the guys at BA were touting him like he’s the next Felix Hernandez, despite only having one good pitch.

Update: I meant to link to this yesterday, but it slipped my mind. BA ranked the 30 farm systems based on how close their talent is to the bigs. The Yanks came in at number 2. That’s a good thing.

How many starts will they make?
Brian Hoch reads RAB
  • Bo

    It really is amazing that the team has been so good the past few years when the farm system was so bad.

    Now that it is becoming a priority this thing could be good for a long time

  • dan

    How can they say that Horne’s ceiling is as a #5 starter? They have Matt Harrison at #95, and his numbers at the same level (which he also played at in 2006) aren’t close to Horne’s. Also, someone please explain to me the prospecting world’s infatuation with Justin Masterson (#57).

    • Mike A.

      I kinda sorta get the Masterson infatuation, but yes, he’s over-rated. One pitch guy and a crappy track record. Kam Mickolio, one of the guys traded for Bedard, has the exact same scouting report as Masterson (heavy sinker, eh slider, low arm angle, future reliever) except he’s a year older and 3 inches taller, but he gets no love whatsoever. Baffling.

  • Terry

    Horne as a 5?

    Thats funny. I guess production and also talent dont mean much.

    • Mike A.

      It’s his bad control and command, which stems from his arm action. He’s got good stuff, but he’ll never have good control, which limits his ceiling. It takes more than just pure stuff to be more than number 3 starter. Calling him a 5 is a bit conservative, most will agree he can be a #4.

  • Mike R.

    Am I the only one upset that Rick “I haven’t thrown a Pitch yet” Porcello is Ranked above IPK? Porcello clearly has the higher ceiling but can the guy do something before he’s crowned?

  • Patrick

    Thanks Mike.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    Good to see IPK getting more love on that list. I think he can be a number 2 as they say, but most folks seem to rate him a # 4.

    Meanwhile can anyone explain how you can acknowledge that Ellsbury is at best an average hitter and then rank him at 22, ahead of the likes of Tabata or for that matter Montero, who has more power in his morning bowel movement than Ellsbury’s shown in his entire career?

    • dan

      Well Montero and Ellsbury are completely different types of players. But they have Tacoby Bellsbury over Tabata because of speed and experience– Ellsbury did it at AAA and the AL already, Tabata has yet to hit AA, and is obviously slower.